Cannabis Question Extra: Georgia's First Black-Owned Hemp Farm

Green Toad Hemp Farm is the first Black-owned hemp farm in the state of Georgia. Here’s how it operates to provide customers …


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  1. News flash, no one cares about the skin color of hemp growers. What silly emphasis. Who cares what color they are. Can't we just see that as individual people made in the image of God, regardless of color?

  2. That's why the legal Marijuana industry cannot beat the ILLEGAL Marijuana industry because of stupid and idiotic governments that over regulated this industry. Remove rhe suffocating regulations, and let them compete.

  3. Hemp doesn't get you high. It is used for its fiber to make rope, clothes etc. The title indicates that the video is about hemp, which it isn't. Consider changing the title so that it accurately describes what the video is about. Just so everybody is clear hemp and marijuana are two completely different things. If you are for some reason smoking hemp, enjoy the headache without the high.

  4. With the racist war on drugs being a deep stain and shame upon the USA, I wish as many POC as possible fantastic success, empowerment and community support in the now legal hemp/cbd industry.

  5. What is the relevance of them being black? Also one of them says at the end they will "serve as a great example of what's possible for our people". Considering people with black skin have already accomplished much greater things. I guess they can be an example just not a great one. They can be a great example for people in Georgia in reference to Hemp farming.

  6. Hemp products also is good for people with ADHD ( Attention, Defecit, Hyperactivity Disorder ) because low THC and high CBD is relaxing and increase Learning both practical and theoretical teaching skills.

  7. So you don't distinguish between cannabis and hemp?

    Are you fn kidding me?

    That should be the very first thing you do…..

    Damned corporate owned "public" broadcasting.

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