PLANT OF LIFE CBD Oil for anxiety, stress, pain relief & sleep: product overview, try, specs, review

Happy Holidays Friends! Are you stressed out? Have chronic pain? Thinking about trying CBD oil for whatever other reasons?


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  1. Sorry to hear that you are having these issues Jess. CBD has some evidence for helping with musculoskeletal issues and for help with stress management and anxiety.
    From your IG I know you also practice Yoga, is Pilates part of your fitness routine? A great Pilates instructor can do wonders for issues arising from core instability or specific muscle group weakness.
    Thank you for another educational and entertaining video.

  2. I have been very curious about this CBD market for some time. Awesome review! I might give it a go one day with this company, thanks for the coupon code! 👍

    Weird suggestion (just sharing something that works for me) ; try sleeping on your back while using an airplane pillow, tuck it in really good to the contours of your body, first try laying flat on your back for a night or two and then add a pillow if you need too. The first time you do this may be the worst sleep ever but trust the madness. I don't need to sleep with a neck pillow every night just on nights when I know I have physically over exerted my body. You may need to do some Nascar driver neck strength training lol. You have a neck of a swan 🦢 ( complaint, not a dig😅).

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