BEST Vinyl Record Cleaning Machines | Spin-Clean, Pro-Ject VC-E, Pro-Ject VC-S2, Audiodesk Systeme

The purpose of this video is to go over how we think you should keep your records in the best possible shape. There are actually …


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  1. Spin-Clean System MKII Deluxe Kit:
    Pro-Ject VC-E:
    Pro-Ject VC-S2 ALU:
    Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro:

    MoFi Original Master Sleeves:
    Anti-Static Record Brush:
    MoFi LP #9 Stylus Cleaner:
    MoFi Electronics Record Cleaning Brush:
    MoFi PURE Record Rinse:

  2. I've been dying to ask this question, but haven't had a chance to ask anyone. I'm almost 60 so I grew up with vinyl records. My question is, why on earth do people still play vinyl records? The snap, crackle and pop used to drive me nuts. CDs were a godsend and now you don't have to clean anything! So…why????

  3. Great video I own the the Project VC-E machine (I did at one point owned the original VCS machine the one that was made out of that compressed wood but, sadly it leaked on me so they upgraded me to this one) I too was a little miffed that you had to put that plastic flex disk underneath, I like the Idea of the machine that it just grabbed on the label! So I made a vent for it cutting a piece of soda bottle & taping it on there to vent it out. Sure it would have been nice if they put the vent on the side like it's brother!! I was even think of drilling a hole & putting the vent on the side.. But, the vent I put on the top works. My question is which machine makes the least noise? Thanks

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