Pleasantrees & White Boy Rick Bring The 8th to Michigan

Pleasantrees & White Boy Rick Bring The 8th to Michigan Founded in 2018, Pleasantrees is devoted to setting new standards for …


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  1. He mention his temps and humidity in the first 3 weeks of flowering but nothing about the time afterwards. I know there a ton of information and marketing in these videos but so much of it is incomplete. Care to elaborate on the final flowering environment?

  2. I'm a caregiver and have been growing for 8 and a half years.. A microbusiness license is my goal. What do you use to keep your rooms pest and disease free? Also do you have any suggestions for someone like myself. A skilled farmer who didn't have the capital to battle with out of state multimillionares rushing in for the few licenses that are /were available,who has burning desire to move forward with my goal of a legal cannabis grow business.

  3. Pleasant trees is part of the MCMA. They are part of a group in Michigan that is trying to get rid of the caregivers in michigan. They are going to hurt the patients that need there meds at a decent price. The caregivers have a place in the markets too, not to be tossed aside once the big corp got into the growing game. please support cargivers not big corp.

  4. Smoking straight chemicals and fertilizers with this crap. more-ons is what they call companies like this. Smh go all natural go organic. bottle nutrient cannabis is trash

  5. Anyone ever actually try their product? I asked for the best of the best and wanted something really terpy. Ended up getting some of the blandest weed I have ever smoked. Usually garlic's breath and monkey paw are great but it barely even got me high then I looked at the date the two pre-rolls and the 8th that I purchased were processed over a year ago…rec market sucks.
    Rec market is for people that like Bud light. The black market is for people that enjoy flavor and quality just like microbrewers

  6. 24:30 Are you kidding me?? The guy who's operating the drying/curing said they take down their plants on 13-14% moisture so it's around 10% when it gets to the customers?!?!?!?!??!
    I listened to it several times now. I'm sure on what I heard.

    The curing process stops after 50%.. buds should never get down to less than 50% moisture EVER. Period.
    The perfect moisture/humidity levels are 60-62%.

    Where the hell did the guys get their knowledge??

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