Professional Sporting Mega events all over the world are massive slave & sex trafficking venues.

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  1. I run into so many Trump haters here in SRQ, it blows my mind! They blame him for all the crape that the left did. I tell them to stop watching the propaganda on major networks. But, you know how that goes.

  2. Charlotte nc with the ciaa is a heavily trafficked area . They cancelled it and moved it . People were pissed but now I see why! We had a decent governor back then not Pooper Cooper

  3. Does anyone else think about the possibility that either way public perception goes in a given location. These so called camps could end up housing either non compliant or the compliant people? Thoughts?
    Love to all! Stay sovereign NO MATTER WHAT!

  4. BTW At last year's stupid bowl when the military plane & jets did the fly over the arena did anyone else see the ufo 🛸 that showed up right as the military aircraft was at the end of the stadium? I took a photo of it from my TV screen and it can't be mistaken for anything else because it was a perfect circle

  5. I knew about what happens during these sporting events but One thing that I don't know is How are children and adults trafficked during an event like the super bowl? Are the victims stolen from the arena or something?

  6. Since I was little My brain could never comprehend anything that is related to numbers or the subject of math and so I can not grasp or understand all of the Crypto talk l ug ! So I guess I am going to be poor & screwed and neither one is going to be satisfying & so I guess I am going to be quit bi*chy 🙃 😳🤪

  7. Not many people can afford to gamble on the stock market or get into crypto. Many don't understand this stuff either it's confusing and the apps are shady also. Many can't afford to gamble away living paycheck to paycheck they made it that way.


    have given their power to create change in their world to the white
    hats.  Both the white hats and black hats are our teachers in the
    classroom of life and are working together to create your reality.  The
    real power in life is to know thyself and create and visualize NOW is
    meditation.  So that which is greater than either the white hats or the
    black hats is a Truther that has learned that they actually create their
    own reality.

    you add the power of "NO" in your creative meditations you now begin to
    exceed the white and black hat teachers in your reality.  Say "NO" to
    each and every form of ignorance and lack in your life.  Say "NO" to
    anything and everything that you do not want to experience.  Say "NO" to
    each of your fears and especially the tiny fears of lack of confidences
    in your own mind.  Say "NO" to all things you do not want in your
    reality.  In this way you break down the walls of your prison and become
    the creators of your own reality.

    white hats are building a bigger prison of a Star Trek reality and
    unlimited money and abundance.  But make no mistake it is a bigger
    prison reality.  So the white hats are balancing the negative karma of
    humans to build a greater container to contain them within the walls of
    their prison.  The Truthers have the ability to go beyond this reality
    of the future.  When 5G towers are seen to be bent like pretzels along
    the roadsides and 5G Starlink satellites fall from the sky on top of
    government buildings you will know a Truther that has learned to say
    "NO" has awoken to a greater reality. 

    meditation say "NO" to any lack of abundance.  Say "NO" to any form of
    control and power over you.  Say "NO" to all lack of wisdom and
    understanding.  Say "NO" to any fear in any form.  Say "YES" to knowing
    yourself in spirit as Soul.  And bend a few 5G towers when you really
    get the hang of it. — J.E. Ante.

    of my 300 plus articles can be shared, emailed, copied and pasted,
    translated, and reprinted anywhere without permission. — J.E. Ante.

  9. We watched a christmas movie last night with our kids called Elliot. They had a lot of interesting "soft" disclosures in it. A weather manipulating machine was one of them. I can't watch movies anymore without seeing all the disclosures they hide in the movies.

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