Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley's Media Conference – Friday December 3rd 2021

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley hosted a Media Conference today to put to rest matters surrounding the purchase of a property in …


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  1. My father always say how you think about yourself is how you think of others. UNC you spread lies, and other innuendo, It is a reflection of how think, you try to divide Afro Trinidadian, against Indo Trinidadian. They went to Tobago to Mash up the Afro Trinbagonians. Tobago I am sorry to say you all are buying into the UNC Indo Trinidadian mentality. You all did it for 💰 which the UN C has put into Tobago.

  2. the opposition always knows how to upset the prime minister by accusing him of this or that…..its just a prod which gets a reaction ..a distraction…a bit like being teased in the school playground…my advice is to ignore it..
    the less you defend and explain the better…keep your own counsel…move on..

  3. Mr Rowley any leader of any country
    Would utilize his/her public forum to speak about urgent matters pertaining to the health and progress of the country ONLY COUNTRY ISSUES THAT AFFECTS CITIZENS. Can you see how you are abusing your platform to come in public to protect your issues which you can do privately via your lawyers an in a court of law.. Mr Rowley the ppl of this country needs your assistance to fix real issues affecting us all. PANDEMIC, CRIME, JOBS.. but for some strange reason you focus the country on your personal matters.. Ppl are growing fed up of your Narcissistic ways.. Stop leading yourself to become a person for himself.. Start taking care of the people… An election and a PM only last for a while.. Soon you will be absorbed by the soils of the earth like everyone else.. God takes care of ppl.. Be the leader who fosters Gods work

  4. Keith Rowley,🔥why do you have to declare what you own on social media! you serve your country🇹🇹 not UNC! don't let them bring you down! you are a wise man!🙏 fool fellow fools!!!!🐶😺

  5. Mr prime minister…Sir i ask you with Respect.sir please close Down our Borders to all countrys until more is known About the New Variant virus please Sir …watch at so so much of our Nationals are Dying Everyday.and hundreds are contracting the covid19 and Delta..sir Example….if the Angel of Death is outside our Doors which it is .that the New sir we Need you to please our Borders from the Angels of Death which is The new Variants.we knows that its Already reach to over 20 or more countrys .please Dont Let it reach our Small Island…our Lifes Matters.and sir please look.into state quanratining All those 11000 people thats covid 19 positive.they are not listening ..sir these people are all over the place.contaminating other .let us work to stop the spread of those viruses.i request this with Respect..please. please mr prime minister..God continue to Bless you.Blessing Thank you .sir. we the Nationals of our country are Asking you for your Help to protect us All .by closing our Borders…God Bless

  6. Trinidad needs better people to run the country. Not the people now. All they care about are there families and putting money in there pockets.Trinidad needs to get better as a country and it can, but needs honest true leaders not what they have now. Need a prime minister that cares for all races and color and to unite all people and create jobs for all. We need to get the beautiful country back on track because right now the country is struggling.

  7. Let GOD ALMIGHTY continue to be in the Truth , HE sees and knows all things HE weighs truth and lies, and will bring all things to light. Mr Prime Minister once you are standing on the truth all will be well with you , if they are speaking lies they to will have their reward either way. GOD Almighty is in control not man, man feel that they have power but …. HE looks at man's folly and smile , let GOD 🙏 arise and let the enemy be scattered in our land TRINIDAD & TOBAGO.

  8. This is absolute rubbish…. he took a national emergency platform to defend himself and the opposition's rubbish… so the press conference set time period on local TV air waves have been recently utilized for unnecessary chatter. At the exclusive expense of the tax payers. These press conferences are very expensive and he is not using it for the reasons for which it has been initiated. Instead, it is now being used for political gain.

  9. This nonsense must stop, It seem the opposition are not learning from the past. We as citizens must realise that whomsoever offer himself/herself to serve country has a family and we ought to be careful in what assassination of character we conduct against the serving member regardless if in government or opposition. Dr Rowley, I truly hope your team of lawyers can, and I think they can sue the socks off and everything else from Saddam Hussein. What manner of lawyer is he if he cannot do proper research before he scandalize the Prime Minister and his family. Aamof what manner of humans these opposition members are?

  10. More power to you, Dr. Rowley! They can't touch you. Their problem is that they view everybody by their own nasty, teefin, low-down, dishonest standards. You continue to stand tall, Sir. We stand behind you one hundred percent.

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