Apple releases Swift Playgrounds 4, letting budding iOS developers create on iPad

The wait is over. Following an , Apple has released Swift Playgrounds 4.0. The update is a significant one for the app, which both kids and adults can use to . For the first time, the software allows you to build both iPhone and iPad apps directly on your iPad. You can now also use your tablet to upload your creations to the App Store.

Additionally, Swift Playgrounds 4.0 comes with a host of quality-of-life enhancements. For instance, you can preview changes to your app as you make them in real-time. And speaking of previews, you can now see how they look in full-screen mode. Apple has also added inline suggestions to help users write code quickly and accurately. The project search feature is more robust too since it can now find results across multiple files. Rounding out the list of improvements is a feature for moving your projects between Playgrounds and Xcode and back again.

All told, the update looks well-worth checking out. Once you’ve installed on your tablet, head to the App Store to .

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