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  1. I listen to panels both in the black and white manosphere and even though I’m not black I will say there are things we can all relate to just as humans I got introduced to the blck manosphere from a friend who is a believer and the thumbnails were so crazy I had to check it out but I think men if they were in charge and didn’t let women step on them and I said something that was seen as controversial but I said the men need to be virtuous and the women will follow after a lot of the time and it kind of stopped everyone in their tracks but it takes responsibility on both sides

  2. Awesome interview. I think being a believer at an early age and I got a lot of heat especially at an early age because people didn’t understand things like imputed righteousness the guiding of the Holy Spirit and they thought I was using that as an excuse because i wanted to be a skank or whatever but I proved them wrong because I at an early age would talk to God and walk with God and they saw wow she’s not out here fornicating and they saw that I had values and reverence for my womb and I’m a sinful person in my flesh dwells no good thing but I learned to use the Holy Spirit early and being close to God early and walking with Jesus it made me feel and know a healthy sense of shame of what’s clean and what’s unclean and remember being literally scared to death of God killing me or something if I were to go out and ride what they call the carousel and the problem is if more people batted an eye and looked down on the behavior of fornicating for both men and women the culture would be alot different and if Christian women because I knew this one girl who was a believer she was a black woman and she would when I would correct her she would call me a racist for simply correcting her errant behavior but the way you live says alot about how you think about God and if other religions can do it why can’t believers

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