How Australia's most radical cannabis laws are coping two years later | ABC In-Depth

FYI: This story contains content that may be distressing to some viewers, if you or someone you know is struggling call Lifeline on 13 11 14. People in the …


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  1. If your position on cannabis is that drugs are bad, then why don’t you ban alcohol and tobacco, those drugs are far more risky the cannabis and that is just the facts, cannabis just had the unfortunate position of not being a cash crop during the colonial era or being the sole alternative to unclean drinking water for centuries, cannabis prohibition hurts more people, the cannabis trade is the only element of cannabis that kills people, and the cariogenic cannabis only exists because there is no regulation to weed out the producers that use carcinogens in production.

    I don’t think medicinal is enough, cannabis is safer then alcohol so it should be recreational.

  2. Criminal drug legislation has never helped anyone and will never help anyone. Drugs and their use should be treated as a health matter, not a criminal one, and it should be up to doctors, not the police, as to how these things are managed.

  3. I surlily hope the Australian government wakes up and catches up… Why should my synthetic opioid pain killers only cost me $5.60 per month and my doctor say medical cananbis cost over $400.00 for a natural treatment? I chose to be in pain most of the time because I know how dangerous high strength tramadol is!

  4. Well let's have a referendum and let the Australian people vote on it . The government's dune it the the gays . I'm sure it wood be legal in a heartbeat .people have had a gut full of the government

  5. Cocaine. Meth heroin. They all stay in systems for 3 days tops. Because it's not supposed to be there. Marijuana stays in your system 40 50 days and in my beliefs that's because it's meant to be in our bodies

  6. It's doing good for those that take it as natural medication, better more than for social use. God created that plant in His creation first a good medical herbal use as our ancestors has treated themselves when there were no process pharmaceutical in existence. Law makers should view this and make ammendment to use of cannabis under medical circumstances. Especially for those who can not afford the high drug costs. Thankyou Australia f I really taking the lead.

  7. More people die from cigarettes and alcohol than cannabis could even remotely achieve and that is before we get to alcohol fuelled violence etc… The narrative of it being illegal is beyond idiotic…

  8. When they say your are a free person. But you cant grow a plant for medicinal reasons. Its not even a dangerous drug. Go focus on taking down meth labs. We here more about weed busts then the real criminal syndicates that are infront of our faces.

  9. i have suffered many injuries during my life both physical and mental. if it wasn't for my ability access weed i would have trouble coping with everyday life. i would most likely become addicted to pain killers. my mental health would be heavily impacted in a negative way to the point of quite possibly being unable to comfortably interact with others even more than now. to provide legal access to medicinal marijuana would also greatly effect the income of crime syndicates. might even be more acceptable to share a joint on a Saturday night with your friendly local police officer? off duty of cause.

  10. Free the weed state to state, free the grow. Nation wide. !!! Australians have had enough of this shit!! We are not criminals !! What about queensland !!! We are stuck in the stone age compared to other country. Look at the united states statistics !!! Free the grow. Everyone stand u

  11. First girl needs a hot house green house set up..the Commonwealth along with private enterprise are setting up huge grow set ups,once that's in place govt will start the medicinal side of it & tax it,all about money.

  12. Waiting for it to be legalised in backwood Queensland. I think Panadol are legal in backwood Queensland I'm not sure. Dum state is still waiting for a politician to decide. Do wats good for you don't worry about government. Smoker up.

  13. Government and "pharmaceutical" companies can profiteer from it.. yet the average person can't self medicate. Government tyranny at its finest.. Do as I say, Not as I do!!!

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