PL S1 E3 Update On Current Condition

Updating you on my current condition, treatment and exercise and some history on what has happened over the past couple of years.


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  1. Thanks for sharing what you’re going through Steve. You will be helping others going through similar chronic diseases be able to talk about their challenges.
    Gary and I (Julie) met you at Neurofitngym the other evening.

  2. Your bravery is second to none!! I am consider a Grand Master in Martial Arts, some kind of Fighting Expert…..But brother (as I bow deeply), your are my Grand Master. STAY STRONG!! i think about the late Gilda Radner who died from cancer, but Gilda ALWAYS found a way to laugh and make others laugh even in her suffering. Continue my friend to be the BEST STEVE WEGMAN that you can ever be. Everything that you're going through will hopefully add a few more hours, days, weeks, months and years to another person fighting Parkinson's. But you know what, I'm 58 also, and I'm looking forward to see and hear from you as we both become old OLD MEN!!! Can't remember what you did in I.T. when we were at Design Synergy, but I'm still doing Oracle DBA stuff for the past 3 weeks at my new gig at Quest Diagnostics. So far so good!! Peace be unto you and your family!!! Mark Clayton

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