CBD Deep Dive! Can we legally make CBD products? | Day 162/365

cbd #deepdive #laws So today’s video is a dumpster fire of audio issues, camera problems, and a bit of libations. Mr Soap & Clay LOVES it, and thinks that if …


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  1. I totally agree seems like a lot of work to make a bath bomb or lotion balm which is all I would probably make…plus I live in Illinois and ughh idk shit here is so messed up with politics and crap. When I had to try medical marijuana for a while I hated the whole experience. I felt uncomfortable like was was making a legalized drug deal. Plus it didn’t work out bc I was allergic to it and it was so expensive. There was no way financially I would have been able to swing it unless I stopped paying my bills or eating lol.

    I would love to hear more about why you are deciding to close up retail. I didn’t even know that happened. I’m finally catching up on videos. I’ve been a full time caretaker to my dad who is very sick so no soap making for me or work or social life for several months. Things are finally turning around slowly.

    Hope you had a sexy anniversary ❤️‍🔥😍😉

  2. I love your deep dives! It is also encouraging to see someone else interpret the information out there the same as I do. Thank you for doing these. Happy Anniversary (belated)!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. Good video the whole CBD thing is kind of ridiculous. And I’m sure big pharma has nothing to do with all the bullshit 🙄🙄🙄

  4. I am using hemp oil as one of my ingredients in my soap I prefer it to avocado but that would be my second choice … don't see the point in adding CBD to soap … as you've pointed out in numerous videos, soap is a rinse off product that's why we are allowed up to 3% fragrance oils in soap which is more than for stay on products get here in the uk (whether or not 100% is safe) … next test batch is going to be cannabis flower fragrance oil … I could not make that up … 🙂 … if you were an a$$h@le I'd still watch you … besides if I doubted you … there's this little known thing called Mr Google … I don't need spoon feeding x

  5. "It's still lemon."

    Most amusing line in the video. =P I've never tried Whiteclaw. I don't drink much though. But I like lemon and lemon lime sparkling water things. So I assume I'd like lemon Whiteclaw. Lol

    This was interesting. I've seen CBD soap at Fred Meyer! I am legit curious how that company is managing the issue because they are specifically labeled as CBD. AND it's specifically kept only in the pharmacy area. I've also seen CBD containing sparkling water in Oregon! Wild!

    I think you've alluded to the retail shop moving in the past. Because I was unsurprised by the comment about no longer having the 6th Ave shop. Not wanting to return to retail is new. Don't blame you though! Retail store fronts are a lot of work. I also don't like people… >_> So if I were you, I'd go all online too.

  6. thank you so much – i have learnt so much watching this – i wont be going anywhere near CBD – just not worth the hassle for me and my teeny tiny hobby of soaps and bath bombs

  7. Blood pressure medication and blood thinner meds are very different things. I sorta picked up on the not in shop thing but I figured you will give us what you want to. I don't sell my cbd products just because of the murky gray zone. For me it's just too murky. Love the products though. Another great deep dive!!! Happy anniversary 🎉

  8. Another soaper just asked me today if I make CBD bath bombs. I said no, my understanding is you need a special license for that. I don’t have any desire to make them anyways.

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