"Tony Black Friday 2021" 11/26/21

Tonight we have Matt, my Mother, and Tony Black stopping by for some post-Thanksgiving thoughts and relaxation. Anthony even joins in during the second half …


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  1. My sister sent my brother a box in the 90’s – his mail came on the skunk train cuz he was deep in the woods in a community called Irmulco- the only thing my sis had correct was his name and the zip code- after 3 months the box arrived with all kinds of writing guessing where to send it next- that was entertaining

  2. Omgoodness Frank, when you were describing that homeless guy and at the end you said he thought he was Jesus Christ I actually spit a drink of water out laughing hahaha. Thankfully I was standing in front of my sink already doing some dishes lol. First time that has happened. Your descriptions of situations are hilarious sometimes! Thanks for that laugh and now I am laughing at myself for spitting my water. Didn't expect that 🤣

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