"World War Truth" 11/22/21

It’s Thanksgiving week and we are going to starting it all off jump into the deep end of the meta pool. Everything we encounter in the news, in school, on our …


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  1. By continuously moving the fully vaccinated goal post, it's admission that the 'vaccine ' is substandard. I think they should stop calling it a vaccine and call it a chemical treatment instead. Not to be confused with preventative vaccine. And mandating it should be illegal.

  2. You are awesome dude!.. a new subscriber here.. Have a terrific Thanksgiving & let's be thankful & grateful for what we DO have: family who love us, friends who like & appreciate us, work/career & a job to do, health, not taken jab yet, healthy Rlshp with our Lord in heaven & repent for our sins daily & find time to pray every day.. Amen, thanks God!

  3. 43:19 – None of them can see those connections, Quite Frankly. That's crazy conspiracy talk.

    But seriously, the weaponization of words and terms like that one works in many ways. Here the weaponized term 'ct' works as a trigger mechanism. To be called one robs the normie of his/her credibility, their hard won (through sucking up and keeping up…), status. Therefore they are currently trained to either not think about stuff, or to never admit to doing so. These are the – terrified by nature – types, who have no selfhood. Going along to get along and towing the party line is what they are best at.

  4. Since all boys under two were to be slaughtered to be sure the promised messiah would not come to rule Satan sent the star to be followed by the magi so King Herod could find and kill the child Jesus but the magi were told in a dream to leave by a different route and did not return to tell Herod where the child was

  5. @Quite Frankly. I think you could read the dictionary or the phone book and it would sound good. Your style, deliverance and perfect radio voice are spot on. Great work ! Great observations about the insane world… keep on keepin' on ! 👍⭐❤️

  6. Great show as always Frank, question?? Where it the “thanks” button on your header like some of the other YT channels? Happy Thanksgiving to all the FRANKLY’s- Blessings be💫

  7. Watch philip ok Dicks speech in france you will understand whats next. He saw what world awaits us and actually experienced it for 6 hours walking around this new wonderful world thst we all seek. if you like I have a longing to "go home, to our true home" then go check it out. youll have a sense of belonging to such other dimension(s). Home!

  8. You know, Frank. I have just about had it with the con on the public and the corrupt media aka clowns in America. If they don't stop ingesting fluoride, eating junk food and listening to corrupt media and social media…we will be dealing with brainless zombies who will do the will of the corrupt clowns of america (cia), who have had 75 years to experiment on the world. Ugh…totally disgusting how many do not connect the dots with this covid nonsense. It's all lies manipulated on you and me!!!

  9. The same "people" that filmed/televised the Rittenhouse trial, oddly when we know you normally can not do such a thing, are the same "people" that told you about Building 7 collapsing 15 minutes before it did. Can't believe anything we're being shown. We're giving the magicians what they want just by watching.

  10. Much Love to you and your family Frankie from Tommy, Tatsiana. Tommy Jr. and Max. Miami FL Our son Maxwell was born right around the same time as Aurora. Such precious times. Happy Holidays! Our favorite show. 🙏🙏🙏

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