CRAZY TALK. Jen Psaki Tries Desperately to Explain How Trump’s Travel Bans are Xenophobic But Biden’s Aren’t (VIDEO)

Peter Doocy confronted White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Monday on the hypocrisy of Joe Biden’s travel restriction after his previous statements on how travel restrictions are “xenophobic” when President Trump announced them in 2020.

Jen Psaki:  Well, I would say first to put it in context, Peter.  What the president was critical of was the way that the former president put out I believe a xenophobic tweet on how he called, what he called the coronavirus and who he directed it at.  The president has not been critical of travel restrictions.

Here is Jen lying.

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Of course this is another Psaki lie.

Shortly after Trump imposed a travel ban on China last year, Biden came out and labeled him a xenophobe.

Biden also attacked Trump for his “Africa ban” in February.

And here is Biden calling President Trump was a xenophobe for labeling the coronavirus a foreign virus – which it was.

Biden also called Trump a xenophobe later in 2020 over his travel ban.

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