“Not at All. Why Would It?” Biden When Asked if He’s at All Worried About the Market’s Worst Day of the Year (VIDEO)

The US Markets took a huge hit on Black Friday as the world reacted to news of the new, highly transmissible ‘Omicron’ COVID variant coming out of Africa.

The DOW tumbled 900 points and the S&P lost 2.7%, CNBC reported.

Joe Biden on Friday briefly spoke to reporters in Nantucket.

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A reporter asked Biden about the markets dropping and Biden said he wasn’t concerned at all.

“What about the markets dropping, sir? The markets have dropped significantly today. What’s your response to that?” a reporter asked Biden.

“Expected. They always do when Covid rises,” Biden said.

“Does it worry you at all?” the reporter asked in a follow-up question.

“Not at all. Why would it?” Biden replied as he leaned on his umbrella like a cane.

Biden is currently on vacation in Nantucket at his billionaire friend’s $30 million estate while insisting he’s “not concerned” about the retirement savings and 401(k)s of millions of Americans.


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