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Rick Rule: This Shortage That NO ONE Knows Will Cause Gold To Have A 20X Price Explosion

Rick Rule: This Shortage That NO ONE Knows Will Cause Gold To Have A 20X Price Explosion Rick Rule says to get your cash ready and get into Gold now!


22 thoughts on “Rick Rule: This Shortage That NO ONE Knows Will Cause Gold To Have A 20X Price Explosion

  1. Someone who only invests in gold during an inflationary environment is a fool or a tool. You either figure out what real intrinsic value means or you'll stay in LaLa land forever.

  2. What are millennial solutions? Nuclear war? Bitcoin. Jesus returns? Bitcoin. World hunger? Bitcoin. Race war? Bitcoin. Global wealth inequality? Bitcoin. Depression? Bitcoin. Old age? Bitcoin. Impotency? Bitcoin. Divorce? Bitcoin. Let's face it, there is nothing bitcoin can not do. Bitcoin is the solution for all humans problems. Power outage? Bitcoin. Life after death? Bitcoin. Do all, be all? Bitcoin. Right? LOL.

  3. Graphine based coins,, beat inflation with next generation (2030) non biniary computing , uh made in China
    kill OFF the Zombies
    going to be a drag livin in the USA
    then the body dies and you are . . . . backed up in flash.
    No Penedjo you are dead.

    Hey, American NINJA
    – – no income and
    – – no job and
    – – no assets
    Let the ZOMBIES die

  4. Does holding gold count as a kind of cash?

  5. Do we really need all those montages while he speaks?

  6. He sounds like a dude whom is trolling his persona… imagine a skitzo being so smart, that he could troll himself with this much capacity & forethought.

  7. Another gold bug who is wrong for a decade now and counting.

  8. Gold supply is entirely unlimited with ETFs issuing paper gold at fractional reserve.

  9. I like the fact people are finally figuring out that the US currency is crap however they hate gold because it’s real and not fake . Is Bitcoin real? Digital currency that once sold or converted goes back to the dollar . What would happen if Bitcoin converted into gold? Then I may understand it and buy BitCoin. Until then I cannot buy into the thesis that digital currency and the dollar are better than holding something that’s real.

  10. Bitcoin is not fully understood. I’ll bet on gold.

  11. The best laid plans of mice and men. Rick is as good a salesman as there ever was in his area of expertise. It's easy to take his advice in, but actually executing it over the coming months and years is a great challenge for most people. Making the kinds of moves he's suggesting (raising lots of cash now and buying into a blood on the streets market later) is extraordinarily difficult to execute. FOMO upfront and FUD on the backend, both work against human nature and most people's emotional tolerances. It helps to already be very wealthy, since those same emotions are less consequential to one's standard of living outlook.

  12. Prepare, prepare. Get ready, it is very simple: Food, water are a must, however:

    "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you." Mathew 6;33

    "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads to life (eternal) and few are that find it." Mathew 7;14

    The wide and comfortable road leads to "eternal damnation". And NO., this is not a joke.

  13. Stacking up on silver stocks

  14. So buy more gold now?

  15. Gold and silver will be important when the rebuild starts. Right now food storage is more important.

  16. (Central) banks and governments hold gold and silver, so you also should possess gold and silver! Not bitcoin.

  17. Why gold collapse today. Very bad situation

  18. wow…rick rule….arrogant and conceited. Listening to him made me want to puke.

  19. OH yes, I am all in gold and silver minning,🧐 thank for the précision. Salut du Québec

  20. Not just a pimple in an elephants behind. The present amount of gold and silver is enough to get rid of funny money.

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