EMPRESS Interview Greedy. Part 3, Blanco, Ferragamo, Health Issues, Want A Car And Apt Next Month..


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  1. I feel so bad for Greedy. He's been thru alot that has led to his health issues ect. I cant help but see him on a empath level. I have health issues myself! He can get ssdi for seizures. That's social security disability insurance. I get it monthly and could help him how to go about it. Independent living will help w a place and also car and many resources! They will help you fill out applications for ssdi. I get a check monthly. Your doc will refer you to a specialist to help you get ssdi!!! Help him pls. Can go to social services and get food stamps. Time to live alone your worth it!!! You can do it! If you need a friend I'm here for you!!!

  2. I do believe he had sex with Blanco. I do not think she would have done all of that for nothing. Trust me, a man who needs you knows how to make a "deposit" in order to get as much of a withdrawal from you as they can. I believe that he is not claiming her because of how everyone talks bad about her looks so it would not be a boost to his ego to say he slept with her. He knows that people dog him already so that would only give them one more thing to dog him about. If everyone was always talking about how beautiful she is, he would be bragging about sleeping with her. But he is doing that because to him it was a sneaky link. HE DID WHAT HE HAD TO DO, BUT HE GOT TIRED OF PLAYING THE GAME. The reason she was doing all of that for him was to control him, the same way children dogs are trained, rewards for good behavior. Trade got tired of trading.

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