Capitalism is the Ultimate Form of Humanism

Doug Ross released another great read from the Private Journal of Doug Ross.  This one explains the difference between capitalism and communism from a simple and yet powerful perspective.

The Private Journal of Doug Ross shared a post with me yesterday on Thanksgiving that was outstanding, so decided to share in part here:

Ross shares about parenthood and how our children love to be affirmed.  This in innate in our nature:

You’ll find that your child seeks, no… craves, attention, affirmation and connection with other human beings.

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At 14 months, your child wants to hear your applause as an unsteady stumble turns into a first unassisted walk.

At 10 years old, your child will be on the diving board at the local pool waving arms and shouting, “Look at me, Mom! Look at me!”

At 24, your child will beam as you congratulate them on their first promotion at work.

Human beings desire attention, confirmation and validation from other humans, from their earliest days to their last.

Next Ross notes that capitalism is humanism where efforts are recognized.

Capitalism has succeeded where all other economic arrangements have failed because it recognizes the basic needs of humanity.

Someone who has masterful woodworking skills can secure a living creating cabinetry and custom furniture. They enjoy the beauty of their creations and simultaneously the kudos they receive.

“Look at me, Mom!”

Another person might find a special talent in computer programming, another in writing books, and still another in plumbing and HVAC.

Then Ross compares capitalism to Marxism and it’s clear why the latter fails:

Marxism rejects the unique human need for attention, recognition and achievement.

Each individual is unique in G-d’s eyes. Marxism rejects individuality and places control in the hands of a planning elite that can never organize individuals as well as they can organize themselves.

“Look at me, Mom!”

Marxism tells the 10-year old on the diving board to shut up, get off the diving board and follow orders.

Marxism is an anti-human system of government and should be treated as a poison among all educated peoples.

What an excellent analysis.  Well done Mr. Ross.

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