MUST SEE VIDEO: Bernard Kerik Warns Leftists on J-6 Committee He Has OVERWHELMING Evidence of Fraud in 2020 Election

Bernard Kerik joined Carl Higbie on Greg Kelly Reports on Wednesday night. This was after the J-6 Committee subpoenaed him to testify before their sham investigation.

Kerik was accused by the geniuses on the committee of attending a meeting on Jan. 5th in Washington DC the night before the president’s speech at the Ellipse in Washington DC. This was a lie. Kerik set the record straight tonight.

Bernard Kerik told Carl Higbie what the committee of angry leftists can expect if he testifies before Liz Cheney’s pals.

Bernard Kerik: I can tell you I am one of a small group of people who was working for the legal team under the supervision of Rudy Giuliani that can positively, 1,000% say there was substantial irregularities and there was overwhelming fraud, election fraud and voter fraud. We captured it. We gathered it. We talked to witnesses. We did affidavits… The bottom line is many of the things we were investigating since, over the last 11 months have come to fruition in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan. So, those were the things we were investigating. And I think the American people should get to see that.

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Carl Higbie: … So, you’re saying now that you have things in your possession that they might get, that’s going to show all the things that wasn’t shown in court that we don’t have access to right now?

Bernard Kerik: That’s right. Many of the things that didn’t go into court, we only had 6-8 weeks to conduct investigations in six different states. It’s impossible… There are still things coming out today and many of those things were things that we were looking at back 10 months ago.

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