Scottsdale, AZ Teaching Aid Arrested On Six Charges Including Child Sexual Abuse of Special Needs Student

Nicholas Claus (left) Maricopa County Commissioner David Syer (right)

Nicholas Claus, a Scottsdale Unified School District instructional support paraeducator at Chaparral High School was arrested on Thursday by Scottsdale Police, after admitting to some allegations of sexual abuse with a special needs minor.

This is the same school district where school board members were busted intimidating and spying on parents who were concerned about issues like sexual abuse, critical race theory, and medical tyranny in their child’s school.

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Mark Greenburg, the father of former Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg, stalked parents and compiled their private information, photos, social media posts, and photos of their kids in a Google drive.

Many photographs that Greenburg took were not found on the Google drive. Parents are extremely concerned because they do not know where these photos are.

Now, Nicholas Claus faces six charges including two counts of child abuse with intent, two counts of sexual abuse, and two counts of public sexual indecency involving contact.

The school continues to pay the alleged pedophile, via paid leave, while he faces six charges, a $25,000 bond, and he can no longer work at any school or have contact with minors.

Court records even say that “Claus admitted to some of the allegations”, according to 12 News.

12 News reports,

Claus is currently on paid administrative leave while the school continues its own investigation in conjunction with Scottsdale police, the spokesperson said.

Claus appeared before a Maricopa County commissioner Friday morning for his initial appearance. During the proceeding, the commissioner set a $25,000 secured appearance bond for Claus.

If Claus posts that bond, his release conditions state that he cannot work at any school, or have any contact with any minors, special needs children or any vulnerable adult.

“There are no exceptions. A reference that you might apparently serve as a Santa Claus in some event, that is not being permitted,” Commissioner David Syer said. sent out a call to action email after the disgusting news broke.


While Scottsdale School Board members were busy obsessed with stalking, photographing, and harassing students & parents that just want to be involved in their schools, news broke yesterday that a Chaparral High School paraeducator was arrested on six counts accused of sexually abusing a special needs student.

The entire board must resign. They won’t.

So we need your help to make it happen! Protect kids.


If you live in the Scottsdale School District, you can sign the recall petition every day from 9 am to 7 pm at Scottsdale Studios, 9445 E Doubletree Ranch Road in Scottsdale, AZ. is organizing the recall of the Scottsdale School Board Members.

The recall of the Scottsdale School Board was filed on August 20th, 2021 by Patricia Lee Pellet, a Scottsdale resident, to recall Greenburg, Cieniawski and Hart-Wells, saying “the mental and emotional health of many SUSD students has steadily declined to an alarming level.”

The petitions also argued that education within the district was suffering. “Parents are not allowed to have a voice in the upbringing, education, health care, or mental health of their children” because of board member decisions, the petitions said.

We have until December 18th, 2021 to get MORE than 20,935 signatures PER school board member.That number is calculated by taking 25 percent of the votes cast for Scottsdale school board members in the last general election and dividing it by the number of offices filled in that election, according to the Office of Maricopa County School Superintendent Steve Watson.

As of Aug. 18, more than 2,000 Scottsdale Unified students were stuck at home either because they tested positive for COVID-19 or were a close contact of someone who did.

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  • Transparency
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  • Students FIRST

The Scottsdale School board needs to resign or the people of Scottsdale need to fire them!


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