Why Earth Medicine Mama Is An Ex-Vegan YouTuber

YouTuber Earth Medicine Mama recently released a “why i’m no longer vegan video”. I use my skills as a nutritionist to try and ascertain how she managed to …


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  1. An absolute godsend you are, Paul! Thank you for all that you do! This woman needs major help reconnecting to her conscience and moral integrity; I just can’t with these arrogant liars anymore. My patience has officially run out, so I’m glad we have “essential workers” like you who are strong enough to bear the burden! 😆❤️

  2. I watched @Happyhealthyvegans video on this earlier. This woman is so infuriating. She sits there breastfeeding her child and yet still doesn't get veganism. She failed as a vegan and now tries to find faults within veganism, and it's diet to justify her complete failure to follow a balanced diet.She clearly needs to go back to school to educate herself properly on basic nutrition and not some holistic woowoo nutrition course run by the local weed head.

  3. “Matt and I were so afraid to eat eggs.” There’s a reason you are afraid. It’s your intuition telling you they are extremely harmful. One egg is just as bad on your heart as smoking 5 cigarettes 🚬 a day! Eeeeekkkk

  4. This is exactly what by Raw vegans are bad for veganism. More often these ex vegans were formally raw vegans. Which then tells nonvegans that veganism isn’t realistic for people. So frustrating.

  5. When she was mentioning all the nutrients that vegans allegedly can't get, she sounded like she read from the final screen of Sv3rige's videos where he is mentioning the same exact nutrients, I wonder if she uses him as a "source" for her "knowledge".

  6. No wonder the outcome. If you do things the wrong way, you're bound to have the wrong outcomes. This ISN'T how science works, but it's clear that she doesn't know it. I wonder who told her that she needed to follow a raw plant-based diet to be vegan? Definitely not the most prominent plant-based doctors. No amount of "spiritual talk" will help her if lacks common sense and basic knowledge. You have the patience of a God, Hench!

  7. People really be only seeing two types of veganism 1) raw veganism and 2) junk + overly processed vegan food. It's not even a question that she didn't do her research and only imitated stereotypes. Not to mention her not eating a breakfast before and then be surprised that she gets more energy when she suddenly does.

    For New Vegans here a tip on how to satisfy your hunger:

    Breakfast: Porridge / Sandwich / Toast with a Spread / Soy yoghurt or skyr with Fruits / cereal / muesli /…

    Lunch and Dinner: Pasta (ex. Lentil Bolognese or Lasagna)/ Rice (ex. Risotto)/ Wraps (ex. Burritos) / Tacos / Stew (ex. Curry, Goulash or Chili) / Salad (including potato salad and couscous salad) / Soup (including instant Ramen, Borscht) / Pizza / Dumplings (ex. Vareniki, piroshki, Maultaschen) / Falafel / vegan patties / Burger /…

    Snacks: trail mix / veggies with hummus / fruits / crackers / Granola bar /…

    Want to eat sweets? Dark chocolate / dried fruits / oat cookies / idk or choose something unhealthy af there are vegan options for that too.

    It fazes me how people think such a diet is gonna kill them.

  8. You're right about chickens, I recently spent about $1000 nursing my pet hen due to complications from laying. Thankfully she has recovered, she is happy again with her rooster (who spent a who week crying for her while she was away) and now has an implant that will stop her from laying for about a year. People thinking "oh, I will just get backyard hens, then I can have ethical eggs!" don't know what they are walking into. Its not fair on the poor little girls. Us humans breed them this way. Can we please stop treating animals as disposable?

  9. Yeh I feel she’s a nice woman but she in order to defend her stance she puts on a very assertive and (above it all) tone in her attitude acting as If anyone who doesn’t agree has a (lower vibration)

  10. I still don't understand why people still claim that humans would be designed to eat animals. Humans in the past ate whatever in the past to survive, they are not a guide to human health. According to this woman I've never gotten protein in me for 10 years of being vegan and a few years before that being vegetarian.. Like, HOW do they not hear how they sound? And if vegans can't get protein, why are we still alive? And going stronger than others & living longer & have more protein in our blood (if I remember correctly).

  11. Wow this video was solid. i love how you made it, how your intense without anger you had a bit before.
    straight to the point, serious solid, this is becoming high info content and professional
    . you got e very good style of video making there, this is my favorite video of yours.
    my new favorite. this is high quality

    LOL how would a woman vegan all her life find her body fat then? lol nonsense xD

    its SOO easy to counter it! some people never eat a single piece of meat of their life hahaha i laughed

    "wich cause insuline resistance!" NooooooPP *start the long chain of scientific details hahahaha
    4 stomack LOLLL quadra rekt

  12. Urgh those people who wear feathers, leather belts and eat meat… then say they are hippy , peace and love.
    She also puts on a soothing voice to act peaceful, ridiculous.

    If your about Peace and love it's about loving and respecting all beings.
    Thankyou for correcting her poor research, very glad you done this.
    She could cause alot of damage to people's health by spreading untrue facts.

    Peace 💜✌🥴

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