The Simpa Life Podcast Episode 54: Guy Coxall

Episode 54 of The Simpa Life Podcast features Guy Coxall. Guy is the founder and executive director of Seed Our Future, A UK cannabis law reform …


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  1. Enjoyed the program, leaving that question. Why are the govt so afraid of THC? Because it causes critical thinking and makes the Misinformation, more noticeable according to Dr Tod Hiro Mikuriya ps Grow your own

  2. I have a perscription and i wonder if i put BM in the packets how's police going to tell? They only check if it's a valid perscription not if it's the same Cannabis as perscribed… just my thoughts as i've tried everything on perscription and it's bum compared to what i get on the streets. Great podcast

  3. Government is a satanic cult Guy and Simon. Their religion is Luciferian through the cult of Freemasonry. The Police are part of their systems to protect their masters Hence the symbolism of the chequered band of black or dark blue on white. Look at any Freemasons lodge and they have a chequered black and white square floor.

  4. The government just want to control us through fear and a zero tolerance to what they describe as illegal drugs. It is their attitude towards cannabis and their approach to those they consider to be low hanging fruit . These thoughts are the idealism of freemasonry and enslavement of people.

  5. The most important factor is to make sure you pass the roadside swipe test. Always clean your teeth, mouth , tongue and gums before driving. Firstly you dont smell of weed, secondly you haven't got any traces in your mouth which can be detected by a mouth swab.
    Acidic citrus fruit drinks and also vinegar breaks down thc.
    The last thing dont travel with weed in the car. Hide it away somewhere in the engine bay where cops will not search for it.

  6. I passed my hgv class one in 2007 after consuming 3 large ones with zero faults and a clean sheet. The law is ridiculous and biased towards makiing revenues for the Corporation of United Kingdom.

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