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DoorDash now delivers household essentials from Dollar General

Since the start of the pandemic, DoorDash has expanded its delivery portfolio to include everyday essential items from , as well as and locations nationwide. On Thursday, the company announced that it’s adding on-demand deliveries from . Starting today, you can order household items, including snacks and cleaning supplies, from more than 9,000 Dollar General locations across the US. DoorDash claims it will deliver most orders in under an hour. Additionally, it won’t employ time slots and there’s no minimum you need to spend to get something delivered to you.

Compared to a CVS or Walgreens, Dollar General is more of an unusual partner for DoorDash. The chain has built its reputation on affordable prices. Adding a delivery fee to a purchase from one of its stores feels counterintuitive. It has also built stores in places that don’t have nearby access to supermarkets and Walmarts. In that way, it’s hard to see the delivery option appealing to either frequent Dollar General or DoorDash customers, but at least it’s an option for those who want it.

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