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David Fincher’s Netflix documentary series ‘VOIR’ debuts on December 6th

VOIR, the latest Netflix series from Zodiac and Fight Club director David Fincher, will debut on December 6th. Described as a collection of visual essays celebrating cinema, the documentary series will see the likes of Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos, best known for their work on Every Frame a Painting, tell personal stories about some of the most influential films in history.

Even with Netflix sharing a trailer, it’s hard to say what exact movies will get the spotlight. At one point, nearly every famous film from the past seven decades makes an appearance in the clip, including more modern classics like The Matrix and Mad Max: Fury Road.

While some fans had hoped Fincher was working on a third season of Mindhunter, they’ll have to settle for VOIR instead. That’s not to say the auteur won’t return to the popular series. Last year, he extended his exclusive contract with Netflix by four years.

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