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What Plant Traits do Cannabis Breeders Track?

What traits are important when tracking plants in breeding projects. How do you go about tracking Info you collect when breeding. Data collection tools.


19 thoughts on “What Plant Traits do Cannabis Breeders Track?

  1. great content but clubhouse is the worst medium! please, just do regular YouTube lives… what do you possibly gain from clubhouse?!?!?!

  2. Thanks Peter and all contributors.

  3. this guy unintentionally breeding for hemp traits haha

  4. masonics plants look like shit he definitely doesnt grow them to express to their full potential

  5. ☝☝☝☝All thanks for your genuine kush delivery

  6. ☝☝☝☝All thanks for your genuine kush delivery

  7. seriously nice episode. thanks again, only my third time listening all the way through

  8. seems a lot of us come into this life with love for the plant.

  9. kev for sure nailed it. much love to all the crew and the Fcp fam club

  10. thats the terminator gene

  11. Hey Peter – I super appreciate everything you guys do with FCP! Any chance you can post in the description or comments who the speakers are and what their social handles are? I know a few but curious about others. Thanks!

  12. All cannabis smells beautiful when done well, flavor and pheno expression is truly environmentally based to a big part but with genetic triggers within the plant turned to environments from past breeding if that makes sense to ppl.

  13. 4 hours??? Jesus christ. THE HIGH, the flavor, nug structure. Those are about your top 3 and all that really matters. Color is a distant 4th because the market also wants that. Trichome cover, ease of trimming, and so on are other traits but no one is looking at those really.

  14. An hour in and kevin nails it. (just to add, ime on my third listen, fabulous. thanks guys, great time well spent..

  15. I look for, broadleaf structure or Narrowleaf structure, Growth speed , resilience, stress testing at day 20 and day 50, overwater, underwater, topping testing ( some plants hate being topped),
    And finally, some strains require more nutrients than others.

  16. on the topic of whole genome doubling, i have put a few hundred seeds through the process of a colchicine soak stagnation over 24 hrs , I had some pop up 4 interesting ones, one had extra branches and produced a few more ounces than it's sisters, one had a flat wide stem with lots of ridges it had so many branches it was like a broom, almost no strength no terpenes or trichomes, one didn't have a tip and it died, one stunted with crinkle leafs, I kept the one with the branches it was strong like the GG it came from with no flavor : / I grew it out for a few years, it was a lot of fun doing the experiment, it was from a study on feverfew,the introduction of Tetraploidy HORTSCIENCE 45(1):16–21. 2010. , everyone should try then we have more chances of creating something, it's all about the numbers.

  17. Love that Kevin’s in here … you can’t have a proper convo on cannabis without him.

  18. Fuck I am so high right now

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