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November Virtual Meeting: A Delta-8 Conversation

Texas NORML November 2021 Virtual Meeting Participants: Delta-8 Lawsuit and Update – Lukas Gilkey, Hometown Heroes and Jay Maguire, Texas Hemp …


8 thoughts on “November Virtual Meeting: A Delta-8 Conversation

  1. Christine is talking out of her ass. She is so vested in Delta 9 that she is willing to throw delta 8 under the bus. Hometown hero has been creating a spectacular, lab tested, safe product. I cant believe she is going to accuse delta 8 manufacturers of being dirty with HH sitting right there in the meeting… send her ass back to Utah, she isnt helping Texas out one bit!

  2. How did the Hearing go yesterday?>

  3. Very thankful for this gathering of minds. Would have been nice to have this conversation before the tablecloth was pulled. My favorite comment from this meeting "without representation."

  4. That one thumbs down is that Cynthia lady from the hearing

  5. 39:00 did she start crying … What a Karen 🤣

  6. I appreciate Christine's concerns, but 1. Utahs Prohibition of Delta-8 was also illegal. 2. The illegal language here in TX is an assault on Ending Prohibition. 3. The Analog list is irrelevant. 4. The alleged problems in Utah are due to the Prohibition, the divide and conquer agenda within what should be one CANNABIS Industry is pretty obvious. 5. I would love to speak with every neurological expert she knows.

    Good call everyone.

  7. Unfortunately bad actors are in every industry, we as small hemp business owner have to do our due diligence and make sure we have a quality product

  8. This ban on delta-8 is only going to add fuel to the fire for full legalization

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