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NLP Technique: 1 Persuasion Trigger (Priming) Powers Up Your Copywriting

Today’s NLP copywriting technique is one that goes deep into your prospect’s subconscious to influence their buying decision. For more NLP techniques watch …


8 thoughts on “NLP Technique: 1 Persuasion Trigger (Priming) Powers Up Your Copywriting

  1. Hey, 6 comments, and ONLY 3 LIKES??? What's going on?

  2. Those copywriting secrets are dripping off that Jon-Benson-Guy as if they were trivia… but don't let yourself be fooled. In front of God, I swear: He knew his creatures the same way Jon knows what he's talking about. Simply: Bravo! Jon "World-Class-Giving-Away-Nuggets-For-Free" Benson"

  3. As always, copywriting wisdom as sharp as a samurai katana #slicingthatcopy

  4. These are the secrets people spend years mastering/learning – delivered on a silver platter. Brilliant video Jon 👏

  5. Hey Jon, I love how you are barely phoning it in about how we need to talk with our attorneys, blah, blah blah! LOL 😂
    However, I do have a 🤬. In the process of destroying that “Like” button, I smashed my iPad. 😢🤪
    Oh well, keep up the goofy stuff, 👏

  6. Thank you Jon. Long videos always have so much value.

  7. Jon you're next level thx so much, I've got A LOT of work to do, Fast… this is super bro DOPE!!!

  8. Great stuff. Thank you Jon.

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