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The Clash: Is it time to legalise marijuana?

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40 thoughts on “The Clash: Is it time to legalise marijuana?

  1. Im actually goin down to buy 2 bottles of vodka now.

  2. I've turned to heavy drinking since weed is illegal. Whatever IDC

  3. It's don't belong to the government , it belongs to the people and humanity only !

  4. It might lighten up some of them kuntz that try to rule us !!

  5. is caffeine a drug !

  6. When you look at the huge list of side effects with all medications itโ€™s criminal that cannabis is not legal

  7. Why do they think everyone was happy to sit at home during lockdown ๐Ÿ˜‚ they were all wasted

  8. NO I'D LOSE ALL ME CUSTOMERS AND IT'D COST LIKE 3 BILLS A ZED AND FULL O CHEMS. Well in that case 140s for yardy 170s flavours holla 100% chemical free.

  9. Recreational use of skunk etc is NOT dangerous as described here, this is a typical uninformed view from a person who knows nothing about the subject. It is views like this that have prevented the uptake for decades and proves beyond doubt that people don't understand the reason why it was outlawed in the first place, which was based on greed, outright lies and racism of the 1930 era of American politics. No one has ever died from cannabis use, only the terrible politics

  10. Yes it should be legalised.

  11. Skunks not dangerous. The police and media made it a success lol

  12. It work's great for soldiers who has PTSD, and others. Just opinion from this Canuck, it's accepted in Canada. We have many stores here.

  13. I will be cracking on with it legal or not.

  14. Yes legalise it if tereasa May's husband can grow 40 acres of it in Norfolk and export it for millions to big pharma why cant we?…….. also I'll add the uk drugs minister Victoria Atkins (person who hands the license to grow out) husband is also an shareholder in gw pharmaceuticals ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง google it british is/was worlds largest exporter of cannabis ๐Ÿค” gets the noggin joggin

  15. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  16. It should definitely be legalised, but our backwards government is too stupid to do it. Everyone smokes it anyway. You might as well legalise it and sell it at approved shops like in Amsterdam. People then know what they are buying, it can raise tax revenue and the money is out of the hands of organized crime.

  17. 100% should be legalised.

  18. Weed is for losers plus it damages cognitive function. Keep it banned, we have enough crap on our shelves thatโ€™s poisoning us. We need to promote a healthy society not a one that promotes stupidity and weakness.

  19. It should absolutely be legalised. Millions smoke it anyway. I smoked it for 30 years until recently. Legalise it and tax it the revenue would be phenomenal ๐Ÿ‘

  20. Legalise it legislate it set up shops to sell it tax it make it better and cheaper that the criminals and put them out of business. Do the same for all drugs, the difference between legal and illegal drugs is taxation.

  21. send me to the Bud Doctor.

  22. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ These people go on like they can even call a plant illegal. Call it illegal all you want I'll still smoke it everyday!

  23. In australia they are allowed to grow there own thats the right way so we dont all just get fleeced by these cannabis companies


  25. You can buy it easier than a packet of m&ms as it is
    Legalise so people can just grow it and know exactly what they are smoking and where it comes from

  26. Can anyone tell me why cbd medical cannabis makes you choke your guts up but thc cannabis doesnt ?

  27. Medical cannabis is horrible we want real cannabis

  28. I live in California and Marijuana has been legal for recreational and medicinal for a few years. No problems. Less alcohol consumption no more arthritis..

  29. I believe everyone should be FORCED to smoke it. By doing this, we can find out who all the whitey merchants are.. and LAUGH at them! "Omg! He looks like he's seen a ghost!"

  30. I smoked ALOT of it as a teenager, it properly fucked my mind up so I quit and haven't smoked it since and even now as an adult in my late 20s there are still some lingering effects, however the reality is whether its legal or not, people are smoking it by the millions, the law has absolutely no effect on whether people will use it or not, there is literally no benefit to keeping it illegal, might as well get some taxes back from the legal sale of it and take some precautions to minimise harm.

  31. No it isn't. Even considering such a notion is playing right into the hands of those liberal elites who hate us. They want a passive population of stupefied addicts. Soma in Huxley's A Brave New World.

  32. No one smokes weed and wraps their car around a tree at 125mph, goes home and beats their wife and kid, or sucker punches someone onto the concrete. No one smokes so much weed that they black out and do something stupid, other than eating entirely to much candy and greasy foods. No one overdoses.

  33. CBD for medical use sure, no for recreational, here in Canada we have some social issues due to legalization of cannabis. Unforeseen consequences are; having to lock cookies away from children & having to retire all drug dogs, they cannot be retrained. Plus every neighborhood and apartment building stinks of weed the whole time.

  34. If you can butcher a cow and eat it, why can't you pick a plant and smoke it?

  35. 120 seizures a day down to 20 or less. The difference in a child's life is immense.

  36. It was banned to aid the cotton industry. Henry VIII in 1533 was the first reigning monarch to impose a penalty for farmers who did not grow hemp on their land. So as you see one day you must grow hemp then it's illegal.

  37. It's another control thing where you telling people they can't do something that's be done for 1000s of years, yes behind closed doors/cafes at home etc this waste of police time can be put to better use.

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