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Top 7 BEST Stocks to BUY Before 2022!

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22 thoughts on “Top 7 BEST Stocks to BUY Before 2022!

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  2. I'm sure these are all decent companies but they're also out huge and therefore their upside is limited

  3. I would buy Expi, Root, MTTR, WE, LDI, ML, INDI

  4. These are the same picks the entire universe talks about on a daily.. No gems.. it is easy to sell the most popular stocks in the universe…

  5. What is your thoughts on Unity? I’m sure they will be a strong player in the Metaverse. I’m also curious about NVidia with their Omniverse.

  6. Hi mate,

    What platform do you use?

  7. PTON lol, nice pick

  8. Hi Nick, I keep forgetting asking you a question, is Dividend Bull is your channel too ? I watch that channel also, that voice sounded like your's, hence checking. Cheers

  9. AMD would be on my list, buying some today. I own most of the stocks you picked already!

  10. Who the fuck can afford Amazon stock

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  12. Google & Facebook are the best picks followed by Truelieve which is a speculative growth stock . I believe marijuana legalization federally in The U.S is inevitable & it’s just a question of time now as more & more states continue to legalize it. Truelieve reinvesting all the cash in acquisitions which has been paying off so far .

  13. Good video. My picks would be Microsoft, Google, Nvidea, Mercado Libre (cheap right now), Nike, Square and Tesla! I would guess an average return of 25% for 2022 across the 7.

  14. Love the picks here Nick! I think Amazon stock is undervalued right now due to negative consumer sentiment around earnings, and lower free cash flow (however this actually is due to higher investments back into the business).

  15. Nick, I agree with your list except for Amazon only because of how high the stock price is. I think if Amazon did a split, I think more would invest in it. I think the best on your list is Trulieve. Assuming cannabis gets legalized, I think people would invest in Trulieve first before any other cannabis company.

  16. Well explained sir and analysis sir… thanks

  17. Decentraland is the new Bitcoin✍🏽💯

  18. Really love your research. I had a look into the Suncor Energy, I saw that the Dividend Payout ratio is 84%. Do you think it's still safe with that high ratio?

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