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Are Delonte West's Drug & Legal Problems Karma For Messing w/ Lebron's Mom?

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33 thoughts on “Are Delonte West's Drug & Legal Problems Karma For Messing w/ Lebron's Mom?

  1. Lord jamar and rumor mill!

  2. What about mental health I thought that was the elephant in the room to talk about

  3. Horrible and disrespectful topic… Should not be talking about this…

  4. All im saying is….It went downhill from there🤷🏿‍♂️

  5. I thought I wouldn't say this but I'm kinda disappointed in you God for not doing your due diligence in delonte west mental illness you let your man get you caught up in some clown acting sh*t

  6. I just want to point out he is bipolar and had these issues way before he allegedly slept with lebron's mom he even tried to commit suicide a couple of times. I'm from D.C. and he's my younger cousin homie

  7. Lord Jamar as Poppa Wu!!! That’s a good look right there….

  8. Didn't he sleep w/ her like 20 yrs ago.

  9. Mental health issues doesn't have anything to do with karma

  10. First thing that came to mind when I heard his first troubles

  11. You gettin goofy with titles like this.

  12. I don’t know about Karma, but I will say
    Mental health and drug addiction play a very significant role in Delonte West’s life. Also genuine support offered or received. Mark Cuban reached out previously, maybe even family as well, perhaps from a genuine place, who knows and Delonte initially received at the time. Fast forward support had been exhausted and Delonte was unwilling to battle his addictions. It’s really sad actually. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. I do believe he was black balled on some level by the NBA..

  14. This isn't the GOdcast I know. This some VLADIMIR shit right here.

  15. This is not Godcast material. This is gossipy ass TMZ material. And it's kind of fu@@ed up that yall going in on an individual with mental illnesss. This brother had issues before this.

    Shame on you Jamar, for allowing this subject to bloom

  16. How is mental illness Karma?

  17. how does this matter ??

  18. Jamar cut his locks off and now he’s a bald head bumbaclot

  19. Congratulations, Lord Jamar, on the new role.

  20. I would say no, LeBron moms and delonty was getting high together. So it's just a simple young man that has substance abuse. He's broke her money long long.

  21. Lol now you guys are just reaching for views with this outlandish title, unsubscribe

  22. This doesn’t even make sense! If this is “karma” for him, then what karma has for Lebron’s mother!

  23. If it's Karma,Lebron's mother will get her's too,because it takes two to tango.

  24. Every Action has a Reaction. It’s definitely Karma.

  25. Why would that pain be "karma" (a term's meaning misused). Two adults who like ea other. Give dude a pass

  26. Wait . You mean to tell me Delonte West gets Karma for allegedly gettin some from Lebron James mother, but yet black people in America been suffering in this system of White Supremacy being mistreated based on color for 300 plus years. Yet, there's no Karma for them for carrying out these atrocities against us ? Is this how the universe works ( Dave Chappelle Voice) ? Now. Ya'll let that pot roast marinate for a minute.

  27. Daaaaaaamn I didn't even realize that was the same guy that got with LeBron mom.

  28. What fukkin some freaky old lady got to do wit legal an drug problems?? Unless u sayin she got him turnt on to the drugs🤷‍♂️

  29. This is Low vibrational af

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