Former Kraft Heinz CEO on inflation concerns

Former Kraft Heinz CEO Bill Johnson discusses inflation as prices for bacon and gasoline skyrocket. Subscribe to Fox Business! Watch …


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  1. Obama appointed a guy who has no idea what is going on an appointments that are destroying the country because they also have no idea what is going on the democrats have blamed everybody for there mistakes soon they will be blaming each other

  2. Well they run there companies at 90 %
    If the production line doesn’t hit that mark they shut it down and send workers home on there dime.
    They outsourced as much as they can and still wonder why things don’t work out sad 😞

  3. Republicans voted against giving seniors and those on social security eye care and dental care, I will never vote for a republican again ever! Try living off $1,100 a month and buying bifocals or dentures f*** you mother f*****! You Republican pieces of s** f*** you!

  4. Funny how there no shortage of vaccine wtf really government behind all this if Trump was in office and President we wouldn't have any shortage wake up people open your eyes

  5. With the 2 trillion lost because of trumps tax cut on the rich and trumps massive spending during his 4 years is a major problem with this inflation
    If you look it up trump added 7 trillion dollars to the dept Biden has added another 2.5 trillion
    Let’s not blame one guy when it’s both
    Let’s be real and fair

  6. There is no supply chain issues nor employment issues….THIS IS CALLED PROFITTEERING in order to recoup the losses over the last 20 months. It is a criminal activity and if done in a conspiracy to affect the market is a felony. Throughout the entire epidemic, our local stores never ran out of nor were there any significant shortages and now that the epidemic is becoming a pandemic, the money grubbers can FAKE SHORTAGES to jack profit margins as high into the RED as possible. Buy the least amount of high priced goods as you can and exist on beans/rice for several months and these grubby bastards will lower their prices.

  7. I think if all the CEO's of retail sued California over their ban on owner operators, and trucks older than 2011, the shortages would go away. I hope in the meantime, Florida and other states with ports, that do still allow trucks older than 2011, and owner operators will be able to help get things caught up. Obviously moving those ships to other ports are probably gonna cause things to go up, but we won't have the shortages.

  8. yellen and gang are nothing but criminals… first, back in August, she said it's transitory for a "couple months", then she changed it to by end of year, then she changed to Q1 2022, now she is saying later half of 2022. Yellen is a FRAUD.

  9. Uh-oh inflation! We can keep wages and benefits flat for decades, cut your distribution costs to the bone, create a supply chain problem and still take in billions. Yet you want to complain about having to pay a marginally higher tax. Who is in Dr. Suess land. No these are the same Reaganomics lies you have always told. The people who are experts I the actual math don't agree with you. I wonder who is lying, hmmm. I wonder.

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