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12 thoughts on “BEAUTY HEROES November 2021 – KHUS + KHUS

  1. In my humble opinion, I love your makeup look❣️ Hugs to you, Honey❣️🤓🌻

  2. Very happy to hear that things are improving. Sending love & positive vibes to you, Oliver & your fur babies!

  3. Good work sweet friend stay blessed keep in touch join u WD BL

  4. We almost always have the same opinions about the Beauty Heroes products. I like both of these, but I'm disappointed it wasn't Alpyn Beauty. There have been so many interesting new brands added to Beauty Heroes in the last couple of years that were never featured in a box. I hope that won't be one they skip. I'm so glad that you feel things are improving in your personal life. I really appreciate that you are always so prompt about putting up your BH reviews.

  5. Got my box today-excited for the brand and products! I used the lemon soufflé/whip after my shower and it was nice!

  6. As a cannabis user, I don't really enjoy the smell on my face. It's fairly overwhelming in the skincare products I've tried which boasts CBD inclusion. I find that it also makes my flaky dry, eczema/rosacea-prone skin irritate, but it I'm still testing that theory.
    I'm glad you and Oliver are hanging in there, you guys are going to come out so strong. ❤️❤️

  7. Hi Danielle, I’m glad to hear things are slowly improving for you and Oliver. Sending you love and light! 💕

  8. I received the BH box today and love!

  9. Good to see you back and hearing you are making progress in your healing.
    Bwt don't like the khus khus and actually the last 3 ones. Not sure why someone would put peppermint in face serum

  10. Like taking to an old friend. How old is your son? Children are resilient and magical.

  11. And I'm 100% looking forward to a beauty hero's annual review 🔥

  12. Hey Danielle, so happy to hear things are gradually improving and shifting. Very encouraging!

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