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Arete AK-47 Hemp Flower

This Beautiful hemp flower AK 47 From Arete is super impressive. Sweet Pine and Gas is What you will smell and taste along with some Cheesy like funk.


10 thoughts on “Arete AK-47 Hemp Flower

  1. ive only had this strain once and I loved it it goes great with d9 flower

  2. So If I'm trying to compare this to real indoor weed, what's the best way? From the looks of it, they all seem to have abnormal amounts of frosts/crystals to them but then again so does gas weed sometimes so how do you even know without smoking it?

  3. Top notch forsure! Great review

  4. That flower was Gassyy & dank ⛽

  5. Nice video my brother 👍

  6. I wish arete wnc and flo would do d8 cbd flower already lol

  7. That looks like d9🔥

  8. 😍😍❤️💙💙❤️

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