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Why Are We Yearning For Tradition In 2021? – Tim Stanley | Modern Wisdom Podcast 391

Tim Stanley is a historian, author and leader writer for the Daily Telegraph. The modern world has given us a lot. Safety and warmth, lighting at night, medicine, …


22 thoughts on “Why Are We Yearning For Tradition In 2021? – Tim Stanley | Modern Wisdom Podcast 391

  1. Join the Modern Wisdom Community on Locals – Here’s the timestamps:
    00:00 Intro
    00:54 Why Tim is Interested in Tradition
    06:44 The War with our own History
    15:13 Is Liberalism the Primary Villain?
    22:17 Tim’s Studies of Circumcision
    31:55 Erasing Figures of History
    36:47 Traditional Roles Within The Family
    46:59 Culture’s Role in Managing Traditions
    52:21 Predicting a Tradition Counter-culture
    1:06:00 Where to Find Tim

  2. Terrific interview. Mr. Williamson. Excellent job, thank you for asking insightful and probing questions. 👏👏👏

  3. I am yearning for some change… For culture to adapt to the times instead of old culture messing everything up in the modern world where it does not belong… If culture is not alive and changing with the human population then it can become incredibly toxic.

  4. I'm right with you about tradition. And I don't think it stops us from being able to be mindful and live in the present. As well as honouring the past.
    Traditions that survive are the ones that still have meaning. They're a way of holding hands with those who went before us and continuing the values that they held, because they matter as much to us. (I think the word 'tradition stems from the Latin 'tradere' – to hand over. Which describes the process perfectly.)

  5. There is Always a polarity. Black & White. One & Two. No inside without outside.

  6. I try to carry my faith & church, Tempel in every moment. Mercy is greater than punischment.

  7. The Heroes & Mythology goes hand and hand within every moment of History.. Time & space go together… and give us new Stories. Waves of Evolution & Time…

  8. Why is there No Statue of Alan Watts in England? His truths & words is eternal in nothingness. Enjoy the Ride & Dance!?!?!

  9. I would say politics is the latest form of Mythologi & Religion. They have the same Frequenz in different times in our lives & History. It keeps going on & on……

  10. Feels increasingly like the most relevant divide isnt left/right, its modern/antimodern

  11. Heard this 4 times .. this guy articulates and connects certain ideas so well. Ty both of you for doing this. Great conversation!

  12. Check out Joseph Schumpeter … And the death of capitalism

  13. "A lot of success is just not fucking up." Quite true.

  14. The comment about it being harder to learn really resonates. I go through so many podcasts, videos, lectures, audiobooks etc in the course of a week but so little of it seems to stick these days. Maybe I'm just getting older but back in the day I'd have 1 or 2 books on the go maximum and would hammer them 'til they were finished and the information would stay with me for years.

  15. This is bloomin' fantastic. I am so curious how country's like Japan have modernised and yet there is a huge amount of their culture they retain – such as handmade knife making, noodle making and the veneration of the artisan. They also still seem to have temples and respect such a non-rational part of their culture.

  16. If you read the classical liberal texts they are very reasonable, a response to serfdom and the divine rights of kings.
    They warned that obviously the behaviour of individuals shouldn't do harm to society, they would be horrified at society today.
    We are under attack by anarcho communists who are knowingly and deliberately trying to destroy society as much as they can. This is why organisations like BLM listed "destruction of the western family" as one it's aims.
    What we call 'liberalism' isnt. It is Marxism. A psychological weapon designed to drive people so insane they destroy their own society.

  17. No one speaks of the beniffits colstan left for Bristol !! his charities still survive the universities the hospitals the schools anyone of selfless faith can give forgiveness for his shortcomings !! I'm a working class builder books only keep you warm on the fire a roof on your house keeps you dry it's all about your inner worth rather than material wealth God bless you all even the fake religious 😇😇👍

  18. Whoah! @55:40: Really? Tim wants to be remembered as a "nice person"? That's frankly pathetic. One ought not to care about others finding you "nice." What is important is that you ought to be Good. And if that Goodness bothers the ones around you, screw them.
    Do the Right Thing, not the nice thing. If they coincide, great, but if they do not, the choice is clear.

  19. This was a good conversation. However, there seems to be a grave misunderstanding of what Liberalism is really about, and that point is further reinforced by the nonsensical (yet all too common) supposed contrast between Liberalism and Conservatism. These two do not belong on the same spectrum. Liberalism is opposed to Authoritarianism or Totalitarianism (concerned with the proper sources of authority), whereas Conservatism is opposed to Progressivism (concerned with the appropriate and responsible rate of change in society).
    Until you guys figure this out, the conversation will never graduate from just "good" to "great." The correct choice in life is to be a Conservative Liberal. The worst is to be a Progressive Totalitarian. And it is true that Progressive Liberalism MUST eventually lead to Progressive Totalitarianism (via Progressive Authoritarianism). In that sense (and only in that sense), Tim is right that Liberalism can be dangerous. But that is not inherent in Liberalism per se, only in its combination with Progressivism.

  20. Are we yearning stability?

  21. The idea of original sin is older than the French revolution, it has been with the Catholic religion for a little longer.

  22. Tradition… solutions to problems that worked so well, we forgot what the problem was in the first place.

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