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Taxi violence | Calm restored to Jhb CBD

At least four taxis have been set alight in central Johannesburg on Saturday. Heidi Giokos is joined by Gauteng Transport MEC, Jacob Mamabolo to get some …


10 thoughts on “Taxi violence | Calm restored to Jhb CBD

  1. The easy solution is to ban the taxis, and replace them with bikes with carts like China has……….

  2. They'll resort to; you don't speak my language you don't look like me, I'm not getting in.

  3. You know what Bantus are not stupid. Ever heard of judge a book by its cover😦touting guns shouting allah akbah in the Ghettos of Bantuland😡😡😡

  4. People avoid using this barbaric transport, you will have a problem

  5. Only Mamabolo acknowledge that fact that Taxi owner they is no where they can't reach if they want to , no amounts of body guard you could have that can stop that if they want to get clos to have a conversation with you in traditional way

  6. We have an extremely weak and dysfunctional government if not useless

  7. If they threatened humans life why not arrest them?

  8. Yes if you hear what the gentleman said barbaric act. This madness of killing. All this violent taxie guys must go to jail. This is very dangerous for innocent citizens that can get shot by this bunch of idiots.. I think taxies should not operate any more. They stop any where cause danger to motorists. They are truthless.

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