‘Stranger Things’ season 4 teaser hints at trouble in California


Netflix is finally dribbling out more tangible details of Stranger Things season 4’s plot. The streaming service has released a new teaser showing what life is like for Eleven and Will now that they’ve relocated from Indiana to California. As you might guess, life isn’t quite so peachy despite all the sunshine — what promises to be a wonderful spring break invariably leads to mysteries and plenty of run-ins with dodgy government forces, including the occasional explosion.

Only pieces of the story have been available so far. Netflix has touched on the ostensibly haunted Creel House, a possibly giant monster, Hopper’s stint in Russia and the return of Dr. Brenner. Eleven may have to confront her past life in the new season. There still isn’t a full trailer, though.

Netflix has only committed to debuting Stranger Things season 4 sometime in 2022. That’s expected given the long development process and the challenges of filming during the pandemic. All the same, it’s easy to imagine fans getting frustrated as they wait for a solid premiere date.

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