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Frankie Boyles New World Order S05E02


23 thoughts on “Frankie Boyles New World Order S05E02

  1. This is hilarious! Deserves more views for sure.

  2. Two thoughts, why are most if not all Scottish female comedians short, fat & ugly. Next, the panel discussed immigration, all but, Myles were brown skinned I'm guessing but, I lay money that somewhere in the family history of the rest some relative emigrated here.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH, please keep them coming, and any new podcast appearances or standup content will be welcome too. Love it with all my chest.

  4. That ending monologue just MAAAY have been inspired by the sublime preludes of Stephen Colbert's 'Meanwhile' segment on his Late Show. 🙂

  5. Germans like dull. And calm. That's why they voted for Merkel and Scholz.

  6. that laugh at 19:39 coming from the audience… I had to listen to it like 7 times in a row. hilarious XD

  7. I mean, the purpose of Starmer and his clique are basically to just keep the left from leading the party (or winning an election if you are to believe the leaked reports). Nobody actually believes Starmer can win or bland "Centrism" is electable, which is why even the Tories are at least pretending to make a stand on being leaders on Nation Building and Climate Change. Johnson honestly comes off as more "radical" and forward thinking than Starmer or Labour and I say this as "The Labour guy" among people who know me.

  8. it is ok to laugh at the world, but if we stop taking anything seriously, what is left? The politicians win. you play right into their hands. quite upset by this episode Mr Boyle

  9. Guess which guest hasn't watched much of Frankie's standup.

  10. Human version of an out of office email – classic !

  11. He used to be moderately funny till he sold out and went all Lefty. Guess that's why he's back on the BBC. He tick's more boxes than a guy working in Argos over Christmas. 😂

  12. phil collins is a hitmaker. something happened on the way to heaven is an absolute banger.
    the tori way he hoardes that hitmaker money is no good tho.

  13. fanta is nazi so i don't think Keir lacks it

  14. fucking hell it's lowkey

  15. u didn't leave twitter u just don't let anyone talk to ya do ya frankie

  16. Love the end monologues…. Pure escapism in tonight's one to blow away the horror of the arms trade.
    It is increasingly difficult to satirise the state of UK and its politics. Well done Frankie

  17. Tokenism at the BBC getting pretty bad…

  18. Where did they find Ahir Shah…what a twit.

    PS Thanx for the download. You’re doing truly godly work.

  19. what music plays at the start, please? tia

  20. Cheers for the quick upload, leaving a like 🙏🏼

  21. An unreal talent. Missed this show so much

  22. BBC yer no gettin yer TV licence moneys

  23. the end monologue this week is my favourite ever omg 💗💗 thanks for uploading 💓

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