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Broccoli Legalization News

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22 thoughts on “Broccoli Legalization News

  1. isnt it interesting that people that go to work everyday and pay dem taxes are subjected to random drug tests, but if you're collecting that government money for FREEEEE they leave you alone about it. this fact has always perplexed me.

  2. Luxemburg actually canceled their legalisation :/. But we in Germany just had to vote new parties and it's looking pretty promising for legalisation. There are still quite a few steps until thatay happen, but it's looking good to happen in the next 4 years

  3. Make this issue a big reason for voting for certain candidates.

  4. What's going on with the bill put in Tuesday for Pennsylvania recreational use?

  5. CLN is gonna have to be multi-platform if it wants to have a chance at monetizing views. Otherwise, work on that merch game and sponsorships. Keep on rockin' dudes, love ya. 🥰

  6. If by 2024 marijuana isn't legal America has failed in so many ways

  7. Preach it bro #texas cannabis legalization

  8. Yup you have joined my cadre. I am public enemy #1 and you and Tom are my generals. Yup it's legal but they have no intention to play by their own rules. More than half of the country want mj legalized. The ruling minority want to discriminate. I thought majority rules. Mj is legal in Canada and Mexico now. Does that mean Canada and Mexico are more democratic that the US? Smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show. Yup this is not right. Love you guys Jim BCC AZ

  9. I just had a wonderful thought. Suppose that it was discovered that cannabis was a cure for a painful disease. Then one of these politicians,that are blocking legalization in their state, or a member of their family contracted the disease. So they go to a dispensary in a legal state and are told the following:
    I'm sorry but you have been blacklisted from making a purchase at any dispensary for a minimum of 2 years from the date that your state has legalization. Thank you and have a nice day.
    Let them suffer a while for what they have done.

  10. Well now Texas has officially made delta 8 illegal. So if you want a legal buzz in Texas, you have to be a fucking drunk and make stupid mistakes like driving or getting in fights.

  11. I only like indoor hydroponically grown broccoli personally.

  12. WHAT? LOL In Upstate New York, you can have 6 plants!

  13. pot is a plant, big pharma makes drugs

  14. I cant get broccoli to grow in my yard?

  15. There's a blind Rastafari musician named King Kurk who has an awesome song called Obstacles. Hoping someone might pass this message on to Joey. One Love.

  16. I don't think you can be pro woman and pro trans…not in all cases anyways. I'm generally pro person and pro freedom, until they try to restrict the rights of others

  17. I don't like broccoli gives me gas.Also broccoli ruin my life gave me gastrointestinal problems 🎃😄

  18. Well I'm going to show up to the polls but remember that they changed the rules in some states

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