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The 21 Report with Coach Greg Adams

A conversation with CGA The Free Agent Lifestyle This is my first time doing some interviews for The 21 Report at the 21 Convention! Subscribe to my channel!


5 thoughts on “The 21 Report with Coach Greg Adams

  1. I've been following the manosphere since 2016 and coach greg since he started. He has the gift of making people laugh and I hope he goes far in his career. Here in Mazatlan now and heading for Puerto vallarta next. Life is good for a man with a plan…..freedom!! Timmy C Arizona

  2. Tony, great interview with CGA!

  3. TB sincerely great job brother 🙏🏼

  4. Oh wow. Few people are as original and genuine as Coach Gregg Adams, Terence Popp, Hammer hand — and Tony Bruno. 🙃

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