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Ep 101| Not So Muda(h) with Syed Saddiq

Can the newly formed MUDA political party make it on time for the next general election? What’s Plan B? In this episode, Syed Saddiq talks about UNDI18, …


27 thoughts on “Ep 101| Not So Muda(h) with Syed Saddiq

  1. Poor in KIA PENG? You mean San Peng-kan?

  2. you work hard?? go and pungut sampah lah pengkhianat..

  3. 19.13 Security tests refer to if you are a threat to those useless people in power. 🀣🀣🀣

  4. Introduction showed a bad habitual tuitioned by their leaders, can do more talk than done.

  5. I appreciate the fact that YB SS could have played along with Bersatu and potentially becoming a cabinet minister but instead traded it to be a "prey" of the MACC. He has earned my trust and respect at this point in time.

  6. When my late husband had cancer, we read about CBD oil… But ya … It is illegal and we can't access it to help improve or at least relieve his condition. I hope people will see how it can benefit those who really need it medically.

  7. Transformational process is the essence of evolutionary change, and in this your sterling contributions under all opposing circumstances gives us immense hope that we can anticipate a brighter M'sia lit in Truth and Justice For AllπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒŸ

  8. Wise ppl will vote for syed saddiq

  9. Political myopia, affecting a nation, left in the hands of a few incompetent men and women.

  10. Great YB, reject the advice from the old corrupt racist religious maggot politicians

  11. This fellow also adapted to get more support by inviting and dining with zakir naik

  12. Amongst the some of the interview I watched, this is the BEST. This young man has his priorities in the right place. SYABAS and I salute YB Syed and of course your goodself Datuk!

  13. The country's hope lies in the hands of youth. Charge on.

  14. Its time to freed ourself of this toxic old politics of race and religion, cronism, corruption, warlordism, feudalism. The old voters are unwilling to do it. Young voters can do it as a national duty.

  15. The hope of Malaysia.

  16. Cakaplah apa pun, boleh jelas kenapa kami negeri kaya tapi rakyat miskin keturunan siapa yg kaya dan keturunan kami kena tanggung hutang negara bertambah dan Pandora paper

  17. 1994
    Starting salary: rm1800 – RM2000

    Landed house: RM200k
    Apartment: RM60k
    Proton: RM28k

    Mamak meal: RM3.50

    Employment: easily 3 interviews per week.

    mamak meal around RM7, pigeon hole @ RM350k, landed house @ rm800k, interview once every 2 months…..starting salary RM1600.

    The worst part is, nobody, and i mean, not a single MP from 222 members can fix the economy.

    All talk talk talk, ICERD laaa, keluarga malaysia laaa, high income nation, pandora, youth, 1mdb, bila mau habisss talking?

    Ptptn still got money to loan aaa? Students masuk U for what?

  18. Meritoracy is the only way. True Rakyat Malaysia will give full doubt. Many Ist class graduates and excellent thinkers will be able to lead Malaysia to become a truly develop nation. All Ketuanan and Supremacy politics should go away and stop…

  19. Chun Wai once again I am disappointed that there were no hard hitting questions from you, imagine here we have an ex minister and your questions are very tame to say the least. You could have asked Syed so many questions ranging from corruption, discrimination policies to separation of powers but you took the easy road, you did not want to be seen as a hard hitting journalist guy, too bad

  20. I live in Thailand for 30 yrs now, is so beautiful and fun and respectful.
    Left Malaysia when was 20, luckily my instincts guide me out to Singapore first n now in a corrupt but functioning country.

  21. Syed if you come into power again, will you raise hell regarding racial policies and fight for equal opportunity according to need rather than race. Just one simple thing will you do away with across the board discount for bumi house buyers irrespective of their income level? Talk is cheap

  22. Zakir Naik does not make statements now but he is using his followers to do his bidding and the authorities are ok with that

  23. It's a bout time .. if one can raise a family at 18 , why in da world he or she couldn't vote

  24. You will be our future pm. You got the integrity and intelligence to be one!

  25. The problem with many are that they tend to put some politicians quickly on a pedestal and shower them with all kinds of praises and accolades. Politicians are basically working for the electorate, please understand that they fought tooth and nail to to serve us promising the stars. Their only agenda should be to serve the people, irrespective of race and not enrich themselves. We have to understand they are human with failings and coupled with power and authority you have a recipe for disaster for the rakyaat. They quickly equip themselves with luxury and titles with their head in the clouds. We the electorate must ask for accountability at all times, remember they are working for us , we have seen numerous examples of politicians who have become traitors to our trust in them all for money and power or to wriggle from corruption. Please be wary at all times.

  26. we need more like YB Saddiq!…Netizens WILL support YOU!!!

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