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CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Reversing His Medical Marijuana Stance

Taken from JRE #1718 w/Dr. Sanjay Gupta:


20 thoughts on “CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Reversing His Medical Marijuana Stance

  1. Sue CNN's pants off Joe. Those hypocrites deserve to lose their pants.

  2. Hi. Sorry you perpetuated a fucking white naturalist secret society lie for how long posing as an educated man on a national cia orchestrated platform and how many suffered because of this?

  3. Weed is great. Even better if it helps people that are sick .

  4. wers the clip where idiot joe says BILLIONS of people took his dewormer…so stupid he even doubled down. since 2013 why would a billion people need dewormer hahaha

  5. I was taking painkillers and sleeping pills just to get a few hours of sleep due to chronic pain. Now I just take 10mg of medical marijuana before bed and no more pills.

  6. I wonder how many people in this comment section are Trumpists. Just out of pure curiosity…

  7. Who cares what Sanjay Gupta has to say dude is a puppet!!

  8. Sanjay – I didn't like getting high it made me feel uncomfortable.

    Joe – You should try to like drugs more.

  9. Thank you Joe for standing up for all of us and what's right and wrong since clearly the media does not follow that moral compass in the slightest. Science is always being questioned, that's what makes it science.

  10. This man is a dangerous man. He's a doctor who instead of making his own mind up takes 40 articled from recent times to make his opinion up. That is the most bullshit way of doing anything ever. This is the epitome of if he jumped off a bridge would you.

    Do your own research instead of lettin cnn ram bullshit down your throat

  11. The man may have a medical degree but his opinions have little to do with medicine and more to do with the highest bidder paying for his mouth like a back alley glory hole.

  12. Poor Gupta saw his fat CNN paychecks vanish

  13. No research joe just got caught pushin lies! quick throw the kitchen sink at it joevid 19!!

  14. Sanjay seems to be product of society brainwashed by mainstream stats , a good psilocybin session might set him straight 🍄..

  15. Where is the 3 hr discussion between this two.. please suggest

  16. TwoFaced Sanjay, The pos puppet.!

  17. Please Joe Rogan, sue CNN !!

  18. He changed his mind when he discovered how many billions of dollars he could make by prescribing it.

  19. i once inject 2 marywannas & died

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