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Best 5 Natural Remedies for Pain and Inflammation

Dr Jones’ Free Book Dr Jones shows you the top 5 Natural Remedies he is using to treat his pain/inflammation from a bike …


24 thoughts on “Best 5 Natural Remedies for Pain and Inflammation

  1. Could you tell me what brand boswells and turmeric you use

  2. For all the information that you bring us for our pets thank you. Just want you to know you are my go to vet before anything else. You are amazing!❤️👍🏼

  3. For all the information that you bring us for our pets thank you. Just want you to know you are my go to vet before anything else. You are amazing!❤️👍🏼

  4. The BEST natural remedy is fresh turmeric

  5. Nice to see you branching out into salves. I often have thought a paw pad salve that would protect from the cold too, would be a real useable item. Surprised nobody has come up with anyway to do it.

  6. Is garlic OK for dogs??

  7. My dog is having her 2nd phase heart worm treatment today. I know she’ll be in pain. Will try this.
    I have a question, is it normal for the dog to have uncontrollable 💩 and pee in the house? Happened on her first phase. Scared and I do not know what to expect when she comes home tomorrow.
    Thank you!

  8. Glad doctor u healed quickly 🙏

  9. I have just recently found your channel. One of my cats is FIV+ and one recently has gingivitis. Im getting colloidal silver after watching your video about it. Hope it works on my cat’s gum and will nebulize it to my fiv+ cat, she’s been sneezing for more than 2 weeks

  10. Learning so much for both my pets & my self- Love It!

  11. Doctor Jones thank you! Any advice here for a 13 year old 38 kg/83 pound Labrador mix with secondary epilepsy and osteoarthritis? My dog gets phenobarbital but I'd really like to start with cbd

  12. Thank you Dr Jones. You've given me more excellent ideas to help Rusty. I will be getting the DMSO as well as the CBD oil & want to use Comfrey for him. I look forward to learning how to make the Comfrey Salve. Appreciate that you shared more good information to help us animal owners

  13. Dr. Jones thank you so much for all your information you share with us! Unfortunately my dog is suffering from cancer. I couldn't do the chemo on fear of hurting her more. So I decided to try the holistic approach and I'm giving the panacur treatment a shot. With that said I'm not sure with regimen I should follow. In one video you say to give a small amount over 60-90 days. And another you say do 50mg/kilo, 3 days on, 4 days off. Which one should I follow? My dog is a 32kg female doberman.

  14. What about turmeric for older dogs that have achy hips

  15. Thank you Dr Jones. Always great advice. Good wishes always

  16. I wish I could use CBD it gives me terrible heartburn. I'm going to try boswellia and cur cumin as my dog has an inoperable tumor.

  17. I have a 15 year old pittie and cbd has helped so much. I lace her treats with it

  18. Dry cannabis leafs can help alot. Also have you heard about the cbd grapefruit comparing? Cbd alone inhibits your cytochrome P-450 enzymes.

  19. Yet another Gem of a video

  20. Dear doctor, did you ride again on your bike? One says ( and I'm not sure, if it's right in any case ) the best remedy to pass the fear after an accident, is to continue to ride/drive/climbe at the same place, where it happend…..
    Hope, you'll find the right time and place, to do it.
    Get well soon . Tula ( and we ) need you being fit.🤩

  21. I had tight muscle spasms & intense nerve pain in my cervical spine. I asked Doc if he offered alternatives to pills to ease chronic pain? He had a pharmaceutical grade CBD salve. The brand is Viridipharm, 1500mg, 2oz, eucalyptus & lavender scented, cost $85. To avoid waste & massage into tissue, apply a tiny amount with back of a stainless spoon. In two minutes intense pain is 90-95% relieved! No side effects, lasts 2 to 3 hours & has a pleasant scent. With constant use, a tube lasts 3 months. Less than $1/day is money well spent to control pain.

  22. Hi Doc good morning..can i ask what ate the best medicine for dog with tvt?thanks.hoping you answer my question.. Godbless and keep safe always.

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