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Please Keep Your Pot In A Safe Place, Away From Dogs

Too many dogs are getting high after inadvertently eating marijuana edibles. #Colbert #Edibles #Dogs Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel: …


32 thoughts on “Please Keep Your Pot In A Safe Place, Away From Dogs

  1. If people are dropping edibles, I would think the bigger concern would be dogs ingesting chocolate and not so much weed.

  2. so she has the presence of mind to get her dog emergency care four time in a row, bur can't figure out how to safely secure her weed?

  3. Some edibles (as well as regular candies and gum) contain xylitol, which can be deadly. It causes a rapid drop in blood sugar, seizures, and liver failure. This can happen in as little as 10 minutes, so if there's any chance the edible contains xylitol, you should call pet poison control and/or seek medical attention immediately, no matter how small the dose of THC.

  4. This dog is number one around the world nobody believe but it's true

  5. My cat hid my pot from me. Pretty sure he forgot where he left it. #catworldproblems

  6. Oh Stephen, those vibrating jowls though

  7. A few years ago we were attempting to grow weed at home. My dog got a stomach bug and decided to eat 3/4 of a 2 meter long plant (literally ate everything except the stem). Mom sent me to take her to the vet and calmly explain what happened 🥴 never seen a vet that mad before. The receptionist found it hilarious that this jack russel was the most chilled she had ever been in her life, her head was literally bobbing from side to side with an awkward smile on her face. On the upside, the dog (who was old and frequently sickly) wasn't sick for the next year. She was also dubbed "Snoop Dogg" from that day forward 😂.

  8. Have to share that at a Bingo for joints activity with Women and Men's Medical Marijuana, (yeah you thought old folks were boring) Zippity Do DA a large Arundayle liked to get into everybody's purses. He gobbled a "nugg" as has happened before and then just laid out blitzed for the remainder of the afternoon. A bystander asked me if he'll be ok, I noted his paws in the air and ridiculous erection and said, Oh, Zippy's living his best life."

  9. Gotta be careful folks. My neighbor's dog ate the brownies and could have died from one really strong one. It cost her $1,000 dollars to pump his stomach. This was like a 250mg homemade brownie and its not safe at that strength for a dog.The legal strength in CA is 10mg. So safe for animals is far lower.

  10. 3:24 Yes, watching rick&morty while baked is the only way to make yourself believe it's funny.

  11. we had a neighbor who was making loads of cannabis butter, and left the wrung leaves in trash bins outside.
    sadly, the old hound tipped over the trash cans, going after the buttery flavor, overdosed and died.
    no joke, be mindful and look out for your pets❣️


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  13. Thankfully neither of my animals have any interest in my weed stuff lmao

  14. Stop poisoning poor pets with pot. Medical reasons are the only exception for animal babies

  15. CBD oil for older dogs sounds good, I don’t know much about that, but when a dog gets stoned, they don’t know why they feel funny and it’s very scary for them. They’re paranoid little nervous wrecks!

  16. Missed an absolutely golden opportunity for a "Snoop DOG" joke.

  17. So Stephen is aware of Rick and Morty. The implications are boundless.

  18. Notice they never went to John, good job. Just an observation… well when yo eat anything on the streets, LIFE. I took care of my sisters dogs, they would eat lizards, sticks, berries (probably poisonous). After 15 minutes I was liked fck it, eat w/e. Its your life dogs. Consequences.

  19. you should also keep you pot plants and marijuana gummies away from children

  20. I used to live with a cat who would steal weed. We had to keep everything in sealed glass containers, cause if we set that baggie on the coffee table and left for ten minutes, we'd come back to find Tiva had shredded the bag, eaten most of the bud and rolled around in the rest. After a few hours of manic zooming he'd then just stare out the window for like three days.

  21. I get high with my dog every day because he is an asshole and barks at everyone and everything but I love that smelly bastard ✌️

  22. Some people have weak puppies.

  23. Oh my god! My Pomeranian found a weed gummy on the ground on a walk and he had to go to the emergency room. When they carried him out, he looked like he was blazed out of his mind! Couldn’t even stand up. It was the saddest/cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 😭

  24. Shared!!!!
    Awesome !!!!

  25. My niece's teacup Yorkie has eaten nugs…. and had ridiculous seizures as a result.

  26. It’s true. Dogs have more cannabinol receptors in the brain. My dog got in my medical pot. It was terrible.

  27. Dog 4 times in vet. due to eating edibles? How about train your fucking dogs so they do not eat everything from everywhere. Most people who has a dog should not really have a dog.

  28. when a dog I was dog sitting got into my weed chocolate chip cookies I called a vet and the vet was more concerned about if it was milk or dark chocolate chips lmao

  29. He’s the best. Greatest. I love this man. His writers. Him. Y’all are aiding my sanity. Thank you thank you thank y’all.

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