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My cat had more seizures while traveling, I had to drive to her vet clinic/ Kelly's updates

My cat had more seizures while traveling, I had to drive to her vet clinic/ Kelly’s updates Merch & stickers: WEBSITE: …


36 thoughts on “My cat had more seizures while traveling, I had to drive to her vet clinic/ Kelly's updates

  1. So sorry about Kelly 😔 like the idea of a box for her to hide in while driving.

  2. Cats need to tear around sometimes. I hope your cat gets lot of outside time (I haven't seen your other videos so forgive me if I'm not aware.) They need space to jump and run and play.

  3. I’ve given my animals cbd for years for different ailments. I’m so happy with the results. I hope it works just as well for your kitty. Be careful where you get it from that it is animal safe and they’re not ripping you off. Don’t pay a fortune. I get mine pretty cheap and it works amazingly. Good luck to you and kitty.

  4. I feel your pain…….

  5. I am so sorry Kitty is I'll. CBD is seriously good for seizures. Sardines with the fish oil is good and easy to carry in the van. CBD is awesome. It has worked for my dog it may sort out her liver and all. CBD is so Healy. No side affects. You are doing great for her. Don't worry. Trust yourself. You are being so good for her. ❤️

  6. 🙏🏼 Prayers for Kelly to get better.

  7. I am so sorry for your kitty! as a cat mum myself, I can imagine what you are going through. Sorry to ask but does you cat have the opportunity to run or is she always in the van? exercise is so important for animals. Also does she eat wet food? I saw Dreamies and that is real junk for cats. My advice is to give her the best food you can afford (wet food with very high protein content and no grain, if you can!)

  8. Hoping and praying for the best outcome. I know you love her like I love all my animals. ❣

  9. CBD Oil Should do Wonders!!.. Need to Get Some CBD Oil for my Dog!!.. Lol Praying for Kitty!!.. Hang In There. 🙂

  10. It breaks my heart when i see you cry for Kelli, only because i lost my baby kitten (he was 3 months and the vet said he was born with some sort of kidney issue ,he just got sick one day, i rushed him to the vet but it was too late) His name was Papitos( Spanish for little potato, He was all white but with a slight tan color,chubby,just like a little potato 😺) So i only know your pain so much! Sorry for the long comment but I will pray for you and your baby girl, You are a kind, beautiful person inside and out, God bless xoxo

  11. If you want to change her food over. Do it slowly. Introduce a bit more every few days of the new food into her old food. On top of her health issues you don’t want to upset her tummy by making a full change all of the sudden. Hugs

  12. You are doing the best you can. You and your vet know Kelly best and will find a solution. Be kind to yourself. 💜😺

  13. Your a great cat mom. The best for you two….t

  14. Just a thought. Do you give your cat the monthly pill for fleas? I have read that can cause seizures. Something to check

  15. So sorry , I hope that she will alright

  16. Not all peanut butter is toxic. Just those that use xylitol as a sugar. But eating it once could be fatal long term once in the system. People are only trying to help. Not trying to upset you. CBD oil is awesome.

  17. Hope Kelly gets well Emi

  18. I’m not giving advice. Just want to say that it might take a while to figure it all out, so please don’t get discouraged. You have a healthy, happy pet. You have a wonderful veterinarian. You’re a loving pet mom. Kitty will be okay and you’ll figure it out when you do. Please please try to rest and relax a bit. And know there are thousand of us wishing her and you all the best! ❤️

  19. I’ve had experience with a calico cat who had seizures. They are complicated, she went through a really bad one that changed her for a couple weeks. But she healed and went back to normal and with more caution she is better 🙂

  20. So glad you got some good info, keep calm , and enjoy your girl. . Your a special person. Do not follow , bad advice, keep in touch , with your vets. I have had dogs horses , and cats. All special, thanks to my vets , and very knowledgeable trainers. Love of your animals , will keep you strong .

  21. I'm sorry what you're going through with kitty. Ignore the people that you don't care for what they are saying. I wish you luck with this particular problem.

  22. I really hope the CBD oil helps !! Neurontin/gabapentin is very effective in treating seizure disorders. Good luck in finding what helps your fur baby !!

  23. Praying for your kitty. She will be good again.

  24. Poor kitty… Hope she recovers soon! 💛🇬🇧💛

  25. I was watching a you tube video from Jackson Galaxy where he stated that certain sounds can trigger certain types of seizures. Just an idea to look into. I hope that Kelly gets better. Thank you for sharing her adventures with us.

  26. Isnt it wonderful to have a great vet! All the very best to you both, you'll find the best route for your cat. ❣ my only suggestion to you is to make a note of when the seizures happen, then you can see their frequently. Apologies if you're doing this already.

  27. I'm happy for you that you were able to get to your preferred vet for Kelly and feel better about things. Sometimes it can be like a puzzle to figure out things with our furbabies! Glad she is doing ok and I hope the CBD oil helps her situation. I've known of people who use it for their pets and have had great results..not necessarily for seizures, but seems it helps a lot of things! Best wishes and stay safe!

  28. Good for you keeping it real regarding people in the health field, there are are too many wingdings that will manufacture the weirdest ideas of home treatments, good luck with kitty and all the best. 🐌

  29. So sorry that Kelly is having seizures. It is so hard when our fur babies are sick. I’ve been through unknown illnesses with my dogs before and not being able to pinpoint the cause can be so hard. Sending you and Kelly all my love. ❤️🐈

  30. It is scary when your fur babies are sick. Sending good thoughts for you and Kelley.

  31. Hoping Kelly gets better soon. I have a 14 year old cat Jasmine who has high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism. I give her medicine everyday.

  32. I tho k you mean CBD?

  33. And thanks again for your videos.

  34. What a worry ; pray Kelli will be ok.

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