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Jailed in Dubai: Billy hood locked up for 25 years over CBD oil found in car

‘Dubai police are incentivised to secure drugs convictions and they do not care whether there is evidence against that person to prove the guilt.’ Radha Stirling …


42 thoughts on “Jailed in Dubai: Billy hood locked up for 25 years over CBD oil found in car

  1. I’ll never go to Dubai now just to support Billy Hood and I’ll encourage anyone I know not to visit that country, absolutely ridiculous!!!

  2. In the words of a law abiding citizen ' do the crime do the time if it was a uk law broken that sentences to 25 years they wouldnt care so expect the same from that country dont go to other countrys if u dont agree with ther law u dont own the world ' yeh it is messed up but in uk they put ppl in prison for beating ther wife for cheating over ther thats normal so yeh great example of what happens wen u get to comfortable outside of yr comfort zone

  3. They found 500 bottles, huge cash, boxed and packages.

  4. Well they're not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    CBD oil is not Cannabis in its potent form.
    Its available around the world in capsule form with many health benefits.
    Dubai, a fools Paradise. Imagine 25 years, as good as being on death row for CBD.
    They should be ashamed of themselves.
    Those islands they built to house expensive properties are practically vacant.
    No mention of all the hookers who flood the hotels.
    Alcohol, allowed in Hotel bars that cater to expatriates, is far more dangerous a toxicant than CBD which has zero toxicity.
    Bunch of fools..

  5. What a bunch of inaccurate information. UAE never charged him for CBD, to begin with.


  7. Tourists n investers may landed in Jail or travel ban For Sex,Drugs, Alcohol,swearing,social media,Fotos & Videos & unable payments.
    beyond that tallest towers hardest Sharia local barbaric law.

  8. Fck them arab countrys, i remember a boy from my area got locked up for 3 yrs for a few crumbs of weed found in the cotton in bottom of his jean pocket jus like dust ud brush on the floor. What a joke!!

  9. I’m scared to go Dubai now😂😭 bruh it isn’t worth my life lmaooo

  10. There are some places you just shouldn't travel to, Dubai is one of them, it's your word against there's.

  11. It’s doesn’t matter if he is locked up there’s plenty of muslims locked up here in uk that are doing 30+ years

  12. its illegal in Dubai
    possession is illegal …. simple

  13. Your in a middle eastern country with illegal drugs their country their rules what an idiot

  14. If anyone needs a reason to avoid these countries, here’s another one. Dubai isn’t the UK. I know someone who was r@ped there and reported it like any woman would, she is still in jail for having relations with a man not her husband. It obviously wasn’t her choice. Dubai is chaotic human rights and best and no human rights on the norm.

  15. I think this is justified. Seriously when people do any crime in UK I hear all the UK public saying you have to follow British law. So isn't it double standards if a person from Britain goes abroad and breaks that country's law. If someone from UAE broke British law and was jailed in Britain would the British legal system change sentencing for those individuals?

  16. Shocking thing is you are allowed to drink alcohol in Dubai, but CBD oil will land you in the shit. I've tried CBD oil many times, you cannot get high from it.

  17. In their country Abide by their laws

  18. 25 years for CBD Vape juice – it's as crazy as that granny who got locked up for poppy seeds from a eating a bagel and all the other nonsense "drug" offences. Regardless of the "local laws" bullshit – these sentences and alleged crimes are just pure zealous overkill , the folk who came up with these should be in jail instead, over something that is so so trivial and pathetic. I'd really love someone to interview the folk who instated these laws and watch them try to justify this sentence.

  19. I'm a Bahraini citizen, he deserved to be jailed. And it's not the fault of international law or whatsoever. This is should be something westerners including white ppl to learn, taught, to accept their fate, not to be privileged and don't abide the law around the world. It's because many of them being snob thinking they're can travel anywhere and still do anything he can do like they can do in their home country…

    Westerners, whites, Europe aryans, british, there is many time to learn, educate yourself about law and order, peace out

  20. This is why you follow the law of the land.
    "Cannot get you high" haha

  21. I don't know why westerners act like they can go to any country do anything and getaway with it not all country have similar laws and culture please get this in your heads

  22. Brits/westerners should boycott that place but we wont, an to those who will say we shouldn’t do the crime, these mostly arn’t crimes, listen to this case they are doing him for selling drugs basically and its not even drugs its less drug like than an asprin or some foods!


  24. I pray Billy comes home to his family amen. and what could I do to help. 25 years is alot. Especially I feel sorry for his family. There's alot wicked crimes that are going on. We have to help Billy get home to his family ASAP! 💯

  25. What do u expect from a country that actively takes part in slavery, can’t understand why people are attracted to that fake shithole

  26. Why would any sane person visit Dubai?

  27. 1. Radha Stirling, is making some serious allegations, rightfully the interviewer pointed this out. Always 2 sides to the story.
    2. Where is this friend of his? That apparently owned & left the oil in the car.
    3. If So, how on earth did this friend get this oil? Did he smuggle it in? Did he get it there? This needs to be addressed.
    4. As has been mentioned, they have zero tolerance. Do the crime, do the time.

    We cannot apply or even compare our laws to their laws, we cannot dictate what is right or wrong to another country, you may want to sing the song, but the Brits do not rule the waves any more.
    As has also been mentioned, if you wish to move to another country, learn the language, culture, and more importantly the law.

  28. Hope they let the poor man out, double standards are mad with these lot.

  29. But they have no problem with Israelis “sneaking” drugs into the country after that rubbish peace deal. Disgusting country, even more disgusting government.

  30. CBD oil 25 years , I’m not buying this story.

  31. I understand 25 years is a long time but why no newspaper is mentioning cannabis oil and just mentioning CBD… bottom line as a British born is that you don't go anywhere and think you can do what u want and let's not judge it was found on him now he can say its his friends and whatever but I think thr whole world knows you don't mess about in these counties.

  32. I went turkey last year, they have strict laws. I was told by the locals that if you even get caught with any sort of cannabis whether it’s oil,vape or the bud it self. Minimum 10 years. If it’s supply. 15 years. My point is when you go to these foreign countries you HAVE to do you’re research. Simple

  33. Yes this is a ridiculously long sentence for a young man, , but their country, their rules. I have no idea what the fascination is with Dubai, especially with groups of young lads. Plenty of other wealthy countries available without the risk.

  34. I have been to Bradford in West Yorkshire with my CBD vape oil and thats a foreign country with no problems

  35. These lot are aloud to walk around Selfridges and shagging brasses on Edgware road living free. Yet a British man is jailed for 25 years. The hypocrisy!

  36. When will people stop financing this place and see it for the joke it is

  37. Why is this government so weak!!!
    Who is more powerful UK or Dubai?
    Get that lad back to his mum before it’s to late.
    Accident or not 25 years for CBD oil is a human rights violation.

  38. That's messed up over cbd oil smh. Justice for billy

  39. honestly i am suprised that dubaai would be so hard with law against a white person. usually dubai comes down hard on their indian and philipino workers with the law. the billy hood case is a new and rare one.

  40. I’ve been Dubai and Abu Dhabi many many times…it’s simple, follow the rules. Everyone knows … no drugs, no drinking unless in licensed places, no PDA, be modest. What are deemed to be drugs there are not the same as here…the bigger question is how did his “friend” get the cbd oil. What kind of friend allows this to happen to another? Why hasn’t this “friend” stepped up and admitted his crime.
    I appreciate that this is controversial topic … civil liberties are not the same the world over, and tbh I’ve always felt much safer there than I do here. We ask the authorities here to enforce the uk law and complain when other countries enforce do exactly that!

  41. Justice for billy

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