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Simon and Kim talk all things HuGold CBD October 2021

There will be a 25% discount for cc members. – until the end of the month till the 2nd of November. Use coupon code CC25 Simon and Kim talk all things HuGold …


44 thoughts on “Simon and Kim talk all things HuGold CBD October 2021

  1. Simon Parkes is a Liar and a Thief – He stole Aliga's Channel, and many
    other peoples channels. It's pathetic. He posts his nonsensical videos
    there. Simon Parks, you are a crook!

  2. Simon I emailed you got no reply why? I need help,my daughter is sick ! I don’t need money man I need some advice and direction about the medbeds. I wrote as a matter of fact 3 emails and the mr.ward also .just to try to get your email and perhaps I could explain the situation .
    And then you could give me directions on where to go ,it’s advice man not money I don’t want your money or Charlie’s. I follow you guys religiously,and all this hope ,and taking care of each other is bull. Get back to me Simon if you would be so kind!

  3. All is well all be well. Blessings.

  4. Oh Trump is being moved to a secure location 10 days ago shows up at a baseball game last night ! Quit lieing and making up stories!!! Tell the truth for once, connecting consciousness to my lies

  5. Simon Parkes is a Liar and a Thief – He stole Aliga's Channel, and many
    other peoples channels. It's pathetic. He posts his nonsensical videos
    there. Simon Parks, you are a crook!

  6. I miss the old connecting consciousness. Where is Debbie

  7. Simon you're a fraud

  8. Is there a link to purchase the hugold cbd oil? l cannot even find the website. Thank you !

  9. AWESOME VIDEO 🏅Thank you!👍
    🇺🇸WWG1WGA🇺🇸 Gratitude!!!🙏🍀👍

  10. Love God Healing
    CBD-OLJAN ❤🙏❤

  11. Simon are you not predicting anymore about the country & Trump coming back? Seems you switched off of that totally??? Unless you are posting elsewhere

  12. Simon Parkes is a Liar and a Thief – He stole Aliga's Channel, and many
    other peoples channels. It's pathetic. He posts his nonsensical videos
    there. Simon Parks, you are a crook!

  13. I bought some oil from Kim when he first collaborated with CC members. Discount appreciated. But NOW the prices are so high, I can’t afford it anymore 😢 even with the current discount.

  14. We deserve our land back here in U.S. ,I would love to have a community here like this❤ Someday soon!

  15. I for one find myself troubled to hear Simon refer to CC as "my group" an indicator if one is needed that he considers himself to be a guru of a cult.

  16. I was one of the lucky ones to b there and to make so many lovely new friends, it is by far a special place and I will remember it fondly🥰🥰

  17. Please can all pray for Dr Elbas a friend of Scott from planet X news, thanks peace n love Raymundo

  18. Hola Simón
    Mi nombre es Luz Franco
    De Colombia
    Primero agradezco todo tu aportación maravillosa de todo el conocimiento que nos transmites, y lo segundo quiero pedirte que me envíes una invitación para el ingreso a la nueva plataforma, lo envío por acá porque desactivaron los comentarios del vídeo donde das está información y no se puede ver ni escribir nada , gracias por tu amable atención

  19. Truthseekers really had some great info on Simon last night. Cheers mate.

  20. I do agree anything done with love is much better love deborah

  21. Bunch of pot heads😂

  22. Glad your sharing, how can I be a part of this, Simone? I need it, also for the horrendous body pain I have, too. Oh, and I have tried to convince my son of an Airstream to hopefully ( haven't spoke of this yet ) delivery and help distribute to store's. Think of me, I am so excited about this and pray to be there one day. Love growing.

  23. Is Trump back in Office yet?

  24. Para Graciela Barbosa,Simon habla con Kim de los sembradios de hemp es una planta muy especial la utilizan para hacer un aceite que sana muchas dolencias y había sido prohibida por mucho tiempo,por lo mismo porque es medicinal.ese aceite lo llaman CBD oil,y dijeron que van a hacer un aceite con frecuencia para sanar.Esas plantaciones son en Irlanda.

  25. Simon trying too hard to be relevant.


  27. Talk shit (new Earth) your a troll Simon parks full of 💩

  28. How am I seeing this on Youtube? 🤔💓

  29. Beautiful community..but severe Allergies to so much..even this c.b.d.oils!! From it !!
    But Never hemp by products of ropes etc.
    Lovely community though ?:)
    Even Weed ..Cannot be around it !!

  30. I totally agree with all of what your doing. It’s all natural I do understand why the world governments have banned it because it does work for many things.
    My son is a spinal and brain injury I make him salves for his skin and nobody believed me until a big ulcer healed. The salve was made with love and healing to get my son away from all the other stuff that is not good for the body.
    Thank you guys for bringing this to all.
    Sending love ❤️ & positivity to all ❤️

  31. Wow! I wished I was there! ❤️💕🙏🏻🇳🇱

  32. What a splendid idea!
    Community organic farming should be the way forward!
    Ditch the Monsanto GMO AI toxic farming!

  33. This is beautiful to see such love and the farm be described as heaven on earth. It give me so much hope.Deepest gratitude for what you are doing. LOVE you so much.

  34. I love it! Having grown, what a gorgeous place to do it. Awesome and much fun

  35. What a kind soul and beautiful connection to our land.

  36. I will take copibia instead. it works extremely well with the endocannabinoid system of the body.

  37. God bless mum & team. Thank you Simon 💖💖

  38. Hey Simon
    M seeker of truth come out with a video
    Stating that you are a big time fraud
    You should make a video addressing all the allegations
    Explain to all your subscribers why they are discrediting you in other you tube channels
    Good luck 👍

  39. I'm so thrilled to see and hear the two of you again together. And exciting to see your crop in the fields. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  40. Simon i hav watched you for a long time…. i will no longer watch you … i have lost faith that anything is going to happen.. Good luck my friend..

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