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Moka Hemp CBD Flower Review | Trying CBD prerolls + CBD Giveaway (CLOSED) 💨

Hey guys! Today we’re trying out Moka Hemps CBD prerolls – also stay tuned for a flash giveaway! How to Win: 1️⃣Subscribe to this channel 2️⃣Like this …


9 thoughts on “Moka Hemp CBD Flower Review | Trying CBD prerolls + CBD Giveaway (CLOSED) 💨

  1. Hi! I’m from Texas… I’m 46 (old dude) I always check in for your CBD and D8 reviews! I’m an avid user of CBD flower and oil…. With a little D8 on the side.😂 Enjoy!

  2. You convinced me to hop on the cbd train and I’m loving it 🙂

  3. Im 29 from Tenn wassup 👋 love your Videos I'm also a ♓ Pisces March 17th,92……
    and I do Hemp & d8 reviews I enjoy all your videos , I've been smoking for 10+ years but I'm new to the Cbdworld the last 6 months or so! Hopefully I can b entered in the Giveaway 💚 😊 thanks

  4. I'm from Miami,Fl..30 year older
    I would like see more video of CBD video. Keep on doing your got this..

  5. It's the pumpkins for meeee 💞💞

  6. Hi! I’m from Louisiana, I’m 19, and turn 20 in 2 weeks! I love watching your cbd videos, and was hoping you would make another one soon lol. Every time you smoke and cough I always get the biggest laugh I was so proud of you for not coughing this time lol. Hemp flower has always made me feel calm and definitely helps with my anxiety. Anyways, I hope you’re having a great day. You have such a sweet personality and soul! Much love! 💗

  7. I’m 28 from Virginia and I’ve been watching your CBD/Delta 8 videos for awhile now. You got me into the Delta 8 gummies & pre rolls 💕

  8. I’m from Kansas, I’m 27. Watch when I’m a little high and you take delta 8 😂. Never tried cbd flower but I enjoy the tinctures. Your hair is so beautiful

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