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Google’s Nest devices are on sale on Best Buy ahead of Black Friday

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If you want to score Google’s Nest devices at a discount before Black Friday arrives, check out Best Buy’s sale — some of them are even available for the lowest price we’ve seen them sell for across retailers. The Google Nest Audio, for instance, is now listed for $60, which is $40 less than its standard price and is the lowest we’ve seen for the speaker. In case you missed the chance to purchase the device at that price from B&H Photo in October, here’s another chance to do so. The second-gen Google Nest Hub is also on sale for $50, which is only $10 more than what the first-gen Nest Hub goes for these days.

Buy Google Nest Audio at Best Buy – $60
Buy Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen at Best Buy – $50

We gave the Nest Audio a score of 87 in our review and called it a steal at $100. The smart speaker offers much better audio quality than Google’s older speaker models, which can be improved further if you pair two of them in stereo. We also praised it for its attractive minimalist design: The device is fully covered in audio-transparent cloth that comes in five colors. Meanwhile, we gave the second-gen Nest Hub a score of 89, praising it for having a louder and clearer display than its predecessor. Assistant also responds faster on the smart display than on its first-gen counterpart, thanks to its onboard chip. 

Want a bigger screen? The Nest Hub Max, with its 10-inch display and camera, is on sale for $180, down $50 from its normal price of $230. We gave it a score of 86 in our review and praised it for its great screen, gesture control capability for media playback and ability to double as a Nest Cam. The Google Nest WiFi 2-pack, which comes with a mesh WiFi router and an access point, is also currently on sale for $179. That’s $89 less than the two-pack’s usual price. The router and the single access point can cover up to 3,800 square feet, and the point comes with a built-in smart speaker with access to Google Assistant.

Buy Google Nest WiFi Mesh Router 2-Pack at Best Buy – $179
Buy Google Nest Hub Max at Best Buy – $180

If you want a Google’s smaller smart speakers instead of the bigger Nest Audio to place around your home, the Nest Mini is also on sale for $25, down 50 percent from its original price of $50. It may not sound as good as the Nest Audio, but it has better audio quality than its predecessor. Meanwhile, the Nest Doorbell Battery is down $50 from its original price of $180. As its name implies, it’s a battery-powered video doorbell that’s easy to install and can send you alerts about important activity outside your door. Finally, the Nest Smart Programmable Wifi Thermostat is on sale for $100, down $30 from its original price. It was designed to be easy to install and has a touch bar on the side you can use to adjust the temperature. You can also control it from anywhere via the Google Home app or via Google Assistant.

Buy Google Nest Mini at Best Buy – $25
Buy Google Nest Doorbell Battery at Best Buy – $130
Buy Google Nest Smart Programmable Wifi Thermostat at Best Buy – $100

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