2021 Outdoor Cannabis Garden Tour | Garden Update [#18] – September 24 – Week 6 of Flower

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  1. Tea of Rope Tobbaco or smoke rope, i dunno the name. it's a rope that contains tobbaco, nicotin.it's natural and it will not affect ur buds. Dilute 50g of Rope Tobbaco to 2liters of water for 24hours but before use some alcohol on the dried Rope pieces to release more of the substance that will make away bugs, mold and other bs u may have in ur grow. After that dilute 1 part for 5 of water and spray onto ur trees and garden. do at each week. U can bath ur weed on that, specially before of flowering. if it's in flowering u can dilute 1:7 and use anyway at each 15days.
    Rope tobbaco -50g to 2 liters of water – 2 spoons of alcohol 90%+ – Niim oil 1 spoon for each 500ml. Use after 16h afternoon to avoid the heat burn ur leaves.

  2. By the way an old farming trip to get rid of all your sprays and powdery mildew once your bud is ready to harvest you get pure distilled water with lemon juice and baking soda and you rinse your budt off and dry it I know it sounds crazy but all the farmers do it and it actually makes the smoke better

  3. What are you using for enriching your soil are you using fertilizer that is liquid or fertilizer that you're putting into the soil because those monsters are looking nice and by the way how much how many months did you veg for

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