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Silver Swag Box | November 2021 ⭐️Sneak Peek⭐️ | Subscription Box Unboxing

Hi Sunshines! Today I have the Silver Swag box to unbox with you. Enjoy! ⭐️Silver Swag use code SUNNY15 for $15 off your first box …


29 thoughts on “Silver Swag Box | November 2021 ⭐️Sneak Peek⭐️ | Subscription Box Unboxing

  1. Hi Sunshines! Today I have the Silver Swag box to unbox with you. Enjoy!

    ⭐️Silver Swag use code SUNNY15 for $15 off your first box (referral link)
    ❤️My Shirt (referral link)
    ❤️My Nail Polish (referral link)
    ❤️Dolcetto Tuscan Crisps

    This box was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own. Some Items in this description box are referral links. This means I am paid a small commission. Using the links DO NOT cost you anything extra but do help out this channel.

    I love happy mail. I would like to hear from you!
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    Marietta, Ga 30007

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  2. Sunshine Squad! 😁

  3. Really good box! Lots of cool items. Sunshine Squad!

  4. This was their best yet. I think they have continually gotten better.

  5. Very good box! I like olive dip I Will have to try the garlic and lemon in it. Sunshine squad 🌞🎃

  6. Hi Kristy, I just found your channel and am so enjoying it! You are so positive and kind, and I appreciate you not using profanity :). Watching in North Carolina but I was born in Savannah, Georgia.

  7. Cute box! Are you sharing the olive dip recipe?!? 🙂

  8. can you share the dip recipe

  9. I would like this box and I'm not silver yet. .

  10. Sunshine squad!! Love your olive dip recipe and it’s keto friendly if you use veggie sticks as your dipper!

  11. OMG, I loved this box! Thanks for the Sunny15. This is my 3rd time from your videos

  12. Loved that box especially the gnomes. So cute

  13. Pimento cheese!! Is that a southern thing? I don't know, since I am from the south and never lived anywhere in the US but Texas and GA. But it is good. Nice box. Sunshine Squad.

  14. #Sunshine SQUAD I really like how they curated this box. Who doesn't like to get helpful things to make their life easier? Snacks are always a plus too.

  15. Sunshine Squad good box for lonely or anyone really

  16. Great items you got love the gnome

  17. Another awesome box decor and snacks yummm 😋

  18. Very good box. Love the gnomes! Sunshine Squad

  19. YUMMMMM, as you were taking a bite of the pretzel, I was thinking to that would go really good with the pumpkin pie hummus that I just got. I found some pumpkin pie hummus it taste exactly like a pumpkin pie. It is DELICIOUS!!!!!😁

  20. Sunshine Squad 🤗🤗. Such different things. I like the charger. So cool

  21. The retractable charger is fantastic! I love the gnome but the pralines make the box 🙂

  22. My mom made that olive dip too! We still make it every holiday

  23. Sunshine squad is loving your excitement! Hey Milo! What a super great box!!! That mustard would be great on chicken and fish! Yum!! You’re looking beautiful my friend!!!

  24. What a sweet box! Yay for pretzels, praline pecans and gnomes (oh my!) Lots of fun, tasty, and useful things in the Silver Swag box. Sunshine Squad happy's ☀️!

  25. Such a good box.All things that just about anyone can use! Hope you and Dawson feel better! Hi Milo😼

  26. Sunshine Squad! I love the story behind this box. ☀️🌞

  27. I absolutely love the idea behind this box. Sunshine squad 🌻

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